By The Beauty Hub  |  February 26th, 2015  |  Brands,News

La Prairie has expanded their Cellular Swiss Ice collection to include Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Eye Cream, that fights the first signs of ageing around the eye area and Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Emulsion, a light-as-air daily moisturiser.

Now, with the new Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Eye Cream and Emulsion, a remarkable discovery of another extremophile plant, Saponaria Pumila, introduces a new level of potency adding to the performance of the products by enhancing the skin’s protective mechanisms that guard against damage. The first signs of ageing are delayed, youthful skin is replenished.

With Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Eye Cream and Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Emulsion, La Prairie continues the legacy of timeless beauty.

Pollution, climate, late nights, stress – your skin is under constant attack by both time and life. The area around the eyes, so delicate in nature, is left vulnerable to these irritants. Perfect for those stepping into age-delaying eye care, Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Eye Cream nurtures the eye area to vitality, improves smoothness and hydration, brightens dark circles, and fortifies against the forces of time and the elements. Soft and smooth in texture, Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Eye Cream is the perfect early start to a gentle-but-effective eye care regimen.

Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Eye Cream is formulated with the revered, youth-preserving Swiss Ice Crystal Complex, which embodies the survival capabilities of its contained extremophile plants and algae, alongside the Saponaria Pumila: a newly discovered alpine species that boosts the power of the complex as a defence against oxidative stress and extreme conditions.

Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Eye Cream also contains White Bird of Paradise plant extract that restores skin luminosity in a new way by minimizing discolouration caused by a substance found in our skin called bilirubin. Extract from the White Bird of Paradise helps to break down the excess bilirubin thus promoting even skin tone. Richly hydrating hyaluronic acid and Shea butter moisturise, and the latter smooths for skin that is even-textured and perfectly prepped. Skin around the eye is refreshed. Signs of stress, gone.

Reintroduce your eyes to restored brilliance and vitality with Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Eye Cream. Fatigue is erased, and the look of puffiness, dark circles, lines and dryness seem to disappear. Timeless beauty begins now.

Price: AED1,056.

Like a burst of resilient youth, this featherweight emulsion glides a reinvigorating veil over your skin. Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Emulsion is a lavishly hydrating moisturiser formulated with a lighter texture and a new level of potency.

Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Emulsion is for those who prefer light moisture during the day and / or at night. Additionally, it makes a wonderful choice for use in warmer, humid climates as a day and night offering that hydrates and delivers potently age-defying skincare around the clock.

Imparting the benefits of the Swiss Ice Crystal Complex, the new Saponaria Pumila fortifies skin with resistance and adaptability. Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Emulsion includes strong luminosity benefits with a new plant derived radiance-inducing ingredient which stimulates the upper layers of the skin for a more even-toned complexion. Boosted with hidden micro-pigments that capture light, a complexion with signs of immediate invigoration and vitality is achieved.

In addition, the formula includes plumping ingredients, tissue guidance matrix, Coffea Bengalensis stem cell extract, pentapeptide-34 and Vitamins C and E. Tissue guidance matrix promotes and supports skin firmness. Coffea Bengalensis has strong skin re-plumping and moisturising benefits, as well as energizing and anti-oxidant activity. Pentapeptide-34 revitalises skin, and Vitamins C and E offer additional anti-oxidant benefits.

Skin is left refreshed, reinvigorated and perfectly in balance with the new La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Emulsion.

Price: AED1,406.