By The Beauty Hub  |  February 22nd, 2015  |  Brands,News

A 100% naturally derived mineral powder foundation that has won over 100% of UNE consumers! It evens and corrects skin tone and offers a unique glow thanks to pure micronised pigments. Its texture lets the skin breathe, reveals its beauty and maintains its comfort.

Why choose 100% Mineral Foundation?

  • It beautifully enhances and illuminates the face, while maintaining its well-being.
  • Its talc-free formula composed of luminosity-enhancing mica, bismuth oxychloride powder with comforting benefits, and titanium dioxide, the little added extra of SPF 15.
  • UNE 100 % Mineral foundation AED131.
  • An improved case for optimised use.
  • A label for easier identification.
  • A more practical sieve to adjust the amount of powder and preserve the formula.
    100% Mineral Foundation allows you to enhance your complexion as you wish to meet your needs.

How is it applied for best results? Our advice:

  • Very lightly illuminate shadowy areas of the face: sweep the versatile brush over the complexion, concentrating on the cheekbones, the wings and bridge of the nose, the chin and forehead.
  • Even and correct skin tone for higher coverage that still provide a natural result: sprinkle a little powder into the lid of the case, then thoroughly crush the powder’s pigments using the kabuki brush before applying to the face.
  • 100% Mineral Foundation – 6 shades (5 shades/ countries. Each one should precise the shade not launched locally).