By The Beauty Hub  |  March 23rd, 2015  |  Company News,News

For skin to recover with a healthy-looking glow, Lancaster has created Skin Therapy Perfect, balancing and texturising skincare products that give the skin a break and have a complexion-perfecting action. A yoga effect in a jar!

Lancaster has now given itself the task of fighting against “skin burnout” and recreating flawless skin with skin therapy perfect, its new line of skin perfecting texturising moisturisers.

Putting the skin in full-on recovery mode thanks to the Equalizing Complex is Lancaster’s strategy for tackling cell dysfunctions at every level, a source of imperfections and uneven skin. This anti-overwork programme includes a day fluid with sun protection reinforced with Infrared Technology, two creams available in two comfort levels (normal and rich), a product for the eye contour, an area particularly subject to fatigue, and a blurring perfecting concentrate, a real perfect skin bonus, all boasting a powerful hydrating effect. And for an instant morale boost, the specially formulated textures offer beautiful skin in a flash.

Perfecting Texturising Eye Care
Get ready to experience an intense feeling of hydration on application of this comfortable gel. Its astonishing texture with a gentle powdery feel does not leave a greasy film on the skin, merely the illusion of a smoother, more rested eye area. Supporting the Equalizing Complex perfectly tailored to this product, caffeine, ginkgo biloba extract and horse chestnut extract, rich in escin, help to erase puffiness and dark circles. With repeated applications, the eye area looks utterly fresh and brand new.

Moisturizer Fluid Spf15
A “shield” emulsion, this skincare does not merely renew the skin’s texture, it also protects it against premature aging thanks to UVA and UVB filters and also thanks to the exclusive Infrared Technology, a combination of reflective micro-mirrors and handpicked antioxidants to neutralize damage linked to InfraRed rays. Silky to the touch, its texture quickly disappears into the skin, providing a deep feeling of hydration and leaving a soft and velvety film on the surface. The matifying complex acts as a barrier against impromptu shine and gives a powdery matte finish. In a beautiful surprise, colored pigments revive the complexion with a healthy-looking rosy glow.

We can’t resist the comfort of this smooth and lusciously textured cream that gently moisturizes the skin. The finish on the skin is soft and non-greasy; it is perfectly hydrated. Specifically selected pigments take a healthy glow to a new level, creating a fresh and naturally radiant complexion.

Moisturiser Rich
This version enriched in shea butter and argan oil comes to the rescue of skin crying out for maximum comfort and nutrition. It provides instant and long-lasting hydration. Despite its rich formula, it is instantly absorbed by the skin, leaving a non greasy, beautifying finish once again. Specific pigments flatter the complexion.

A must-have when aiming for skin perfection, blur skincare is the new star product that everyone is fighting over. Its sleight-of-hand texture provides an incredible powdery matte finish. Blurring particles and colored pigments play with contours and the light to fill in and instantly blur imperfections. The finish is glowy, luminous and perfectly even. Benefitting from the reinforced Refining Complex, this new-generation blurring concentrate does not merely have an instant effect; with repeated use, it also makes the skin clearer and more beautiful through a genuine skincare action. Day after day, perfection becomes a reality.

The Lancaster Skin Therapy Perfect range is available at Wojooh, Sephora, Vavavoom, Harvey Nichols Dubai, Fayasal Centre and Tanagra.

Moisturiser 50ml – AED223.
Moisturiser Fluid SPF15 50ml – AED223.
Moisturiser Rich 50ml – AED223.
Concentrate 30ml – AED184.
Eye Cream 15ml – AED150.