By The Beauty Hub  |  March 9th, 2015  |  Brands,News

Hershesons, a brand synonymous to superb hair styling, is making its debut in the UAE with its Hair Apothecary line, a pioneering range of innovative hair styling tools, extensions, hair pieces and accessories to help every woman create the hottest of-the-moment hairstyles and updos at home.

The Hersheson name is reputed to be at the forefront of British hairdressing. It first appeared on the fashion scene in the ‘90’s with the flagship Daniel Hersheson salon on Conduit Street in London that quickly rose to dominate runway fashion and became a favourite with models, celebrities and press. The ever-evolving brand has since transformed the art of hairdressing with the introduction of an extensive range of revolutionary styling products, a luxury hair spa, blow dry bars, as well as accessories and extensions. Hershesons’ entry into the Middle East is in collaboration with Beauty Solutions Trading.

Luke Hersheson, Co-founder and Creative Director for Hershesons, said, “It gives me such a great feeling to announce our presence here in the Middle East. This region has a very distinct style and your love for on-trend fashion is acknowledged worldwide. These things matter to us because they reflect our fashion forward credentials. We’ve been waiting for this moment, and now, Hershesons is finally in the market to help the style-conscious women of the UAE with creative hair styling for the ultimate head-to-toe look!”

Luke Hersheson

Luke, an in demand session stylist who travels the globe for his A-list celebrities, believes that with the right tools and tricks every woman can create a hip hairstyle at home. Inspired by the secrets found in his kitbag, Hershesons’ Hair Apothecary features a collection of must-haves that are used by Luke and his team every day in the salon, on shoots and at shows. The range embodies the brand’s philosophy that sees hair styles as continually evolving – Hershesons’ products provide women the opportunity to create innovative hairstyles in one minute, and then change their look every day depending on what they want and love.

Considered as essentials in creating on-trend hair statements, the products featured in the Hershesons’ Hair Apothecary include:

Hair Pieces and Extensions

Easy to use hair extensions and pieces to help you update your look in a flash! Thicken, lengthen, volumise and add texture to your hair with any of these: instant length clip-ins, braided headbands, clip-in fringes, and invisible straight ponytails.

Model shot - Hershesons

Styling Tools

Salon-quality tools that allow you to re-create your favourite blow dry bar looks at home. Included in this collection are the Professional Ionic Hair Dryer, Professional Titanium Ionic Iron and Tourmaline Waving Tong.


Tools of the trade that make styling your hair easier than ever, allowing you to create the same shine and volume that you would get in a Hershesons blow dry bar. The ceramic barrel used in the brand’s ceramic brushes distributes heat evenly for faster styling and smoother results, while nano mineral coated bristles protect the scalp, minimise split ends and boost volume and shine with anti-static and anti-bacterial properties, as well as deodorising functions.

Grips and Bands

Accessories to help you achieve a multitude of styles. Hershesons has created a stylish way of storing the most durable tools on the market, with grips, pins and bands contained in silver cases that are easy to store – meaning no more rummaging at the bottom of your handbag!

Products from Hershesons’ Hair Apothecary collection are available at Sephora branches in Citywalk and The Dubai Mall.