By The Beauty Hub  |  March 2nd, 2015  |  Brands,News

Clarins has created Daily Energizer Lovely Lip Balm, that provides instant and long-lasting comfort – 8 hours of moisturisation – and a smoother, fuller look, perfect shine and a rosy radiance.

The lips are a very fine semi-mucous membrane deficient in keratin, a hydrolipidic film and sebum. They are not protected by the wetness of the mouth, like the inner mucous membrane. Food, cold, heat, sun and the wetting of the lips by saliva or occasional biting all these factors aggravate lips. The result: dehydration, dryness, chapping, loss of volume and radiance.

Two key skin-nourishing ingredients to infuse the lips with essential fatty acids include Cocoa butter which nourishes and helps encourage repair of the lip surface and Shea oil which then reinforces its nourishing, repairing and comforting benefits. These two highly complementary active ingredients are responsible for the texture’s unique qualities: supple and incredibly smooth, it literally glides over the lips.

Resulting from a combination of a natural peptide and palmitic acid, this plumping active ingredient encourages the synthesis of hyaluronic acid. In this way it helps reduce fine lines on the lips and enhance fuller-looking lips. It is combined with a moisturising organic redcurrant extract to leave lips looking smoother, fresher and plumper, to give you a beautiful, irresistible smile.

The pigment reacts with the pH of the lips, developing into a subtle shade of pink which instantly boosts their natural colour. This delicate, rosy-like hue gives a totally personalized, natural-looking, “bitten lips” effect. The illusion is complete, as the colour becomes one with the lips, enhancing them with a tailor-made rosy radiance.

Soft, creamy and melting, with a subtle shine, the smooth yet non-sticky texture of Daily Energizer Lovely Lip Balm can be used without moderation, simply for pleasure and also for its exceptional beauty benefits. It has a delicious fruity fragrance with a hint of peach and a tempting sweet, candy flavour. You won’t be able to resist!

Who said that respecting the environment means being boring? The trendy, fun packaging of Lovely Lip Balm has been eco-designed. By choosing cardboard, manufactured using paper sourced from sustainably-managed forests, and reducing its weight and bulk, Clarins is helping to protect biodiversity and remains true to its “Responsible Beauty” approach.