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Forget everything you know about lip make-up and its visual effects: lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm or pencil in high-shine or powdery velvet finishes, not forgetting pearlescent and glittery looks.

Welcome to the world of Aqua Laque: a hybrid lipstick which breaks all the rules and writes its own lip story. Hybrid lipsticks have transformed the very concept of lipstick with their new formula.

With Aqua Laque, Bourjois pushes innovation even further, raising the “quality” bar to the next level. Combining a high concentration of water and Nymphea extract which has great moisturising ability (10 hours), it contains all the elements necessary to achieve a light and extremely refreshing texture.

Whether to look at or to touch, its liquid texture is so smooth and fine that you’ll forget you’re even wearing lipstick.

Aqua Laque is an explosion of colour. Out with lifeless nudes and basic, pearlescent shades. In with the pure, glowing Aqua Laque shades! Their secret? They are practically butter- and wax-free so as to not disrupt the quality of the colour.

As these “filters” have been eliminated, the colours are perfectly pure, each one fully expressing its portion of the colour spectrum.

  • The fresh nudes give you a healthy glow.
  • The elegant pinks are to die for and so flattering.
  • The vibrant oranges instantly put you in a good mood.
  • And the flamboyant reds are simply sensational!

We’ve already had transparent shine and glossy shine, now we have wet-look shine.
A clearly hybrid term used to describe a shimmer effect on an extremely fine, light texture!
Aqua Laque redefines shine: sophisticated and modern, elegant and sensual, intense and natural.

The formula for hybrid lipsticks draws its inspiration from the technology used in foundations, with its emulsion-like properties. Bourjois has refined and enhanced the formula by reducing the presence of oil as much as possible. Once applied, the lipstick doesn’t budge. It doesn’t transfer onto the little cracks in the skin that it may encounter.

A little gem ready to be a handbag must-have! Prettily faceted and very elegant with its high-shine fully chrome cap, it reveals its pure, shimmering colours. As for its soft, dense flock applicator which features long fibres, it makes it easy to ensure accurate application for defined lips.

Eight pure and intense colours, with not a pearlescent finish in sight!

  • 01/ Appêchissant – a punchy nude colour for a healthy glow.
  • 02/ Rosé on the rock – a rosé nude shade. “Très innocent”. You’re not fooling anyone!
  • 03/ Brun’croyable – it’s brown, not chestnut. With a hint of red, pink and caramel for an incredible result.
  • 04/ Viens si tu roses – not really pink or red, it’s almost a raspberry colour. A shade inspired by the colour of the lips with just enough pigment to paint a charming smile… Try it if you dare.
  • 05/ Red my lips – an intense red which asserts its personality. Femme fatale the stroke of a brush.
  • 06/ Feeling reddy – packed full of energy which immediately gives you a boost. A little red and you’re “reddy” to go!
  • 07/ Fuchsia perché – Mr Fuchsia decided to abandon a little blue for a more wearable look. Always bright and pigmented, it’s beyond reproach.
  • 08/ Babe idole – today I’m the queen of pop… who said light pink had to be sensible?


  • Apply Aqua Laque to cleansed, dry lips.
  • After using micellar water or a waterproof make-up remover, wipe the lips with a cotton pad to eliminate any oily residues.


  • Apply a nourishing or moisturising balm before Aqua Laque.
  • Apply lip liner to the lip contours beforehand.

Bourjois Aqua Laque lipstick - open AED 79 (15)