By The Beauty Hub  |  April 30th, 2015  |  Brands,Editors Pick,News

Combining effectiveness with pleasure, Body Shaping Cream allows women to reshape their body contours in a tailor-made way and sculpt the silhouette they want. The pampering cream offers triple refining, firming and beautifying benefits and an incredibly soft, smooth texture designed for massage.

A symbol of strength and fragility, the delicate, brightly coloured poppy is found everywhere, from city landscapes to the painter’s canvas. But this simple, radiant, fragile flower also hides a contouring secret discovered by Clarins Laboratories.

Used for the first time in a Clarins contouring product, poppy extract has demonstrated – in in-vitro studies carried out in Clarins Laboratories – its capacity to slow the storage of fats while also stimulating their release. Which is the most effective way to enable adipocytes to regain and maintain a balanced volume.

The smooth, melting texture of Body Shaping Cream is specially designed for massage and glides over the skin, surrounding the body in well-being. This pampering cream with a subtle floral-woody fragrance leaves behind a wonderful feeling of freshness, and a non-oily, non-sticky veil of softness on the skin so you can dress immediately after application.

To provide even more pleasure and beauty benefits, Clarins has developed an exclusive self-massage method developed for stubborn curves. In just a few very simple smoothing-pressure movements designed for each specific area of the body, it helps to encourage drainage and reshape and streamline each woman’s particular body contours.

The 100% manual method has been specially developed and adapted to the areas concerned. Each movement is carried out with extreme precision – the weight of the hand on the skin, the pace and direction of the movements, all elements contribute to the unrivalled effectiveness of the Stubborn Curves Solution Treatment.

The five steps of the Stubborn Curves Solution Treatment:


A preliminary dialogue with a Clarins Beauty Therapist to establish a beauty assessment and determine which two areas, out of the possible four, require treatment: abdomen-waist, hips, arms or knees.

Body contouring preparation

An exclusive soothing ritual involving deep breathing exercises to promote relaxation and optimize receptiveness to the following treatment steps.

Massage preparation

Drainage-pressure movements aimed at stimulating the lymphatic circulation and the process of the elimination of fats before applying Body Shaping Cream.

The massage

A massage using the fists, to help reduce stubborn curves and firm the skin. The body is then enveloped in Body Shaping Cream to enhance the benefits of the massage and restore soft, beautiful skin.

The final ritual

A rub-down with Eau Dynamisante, for a great fragrance and a great feeling of being in tune with yourself.

Clarins Body Shaping Cream is available at Clarins counters in the UAE.