By The Beauty Hub  |  April 7th, 2015  |  Company News,News

If you want a thinner nose, stronger cheekbones, or even an entirely new shape to your face, then the Contour Revolution – Sculpting Palette is the way to go. This palette offers a disguising level of coverage! Mix and match shades to perfection for a smooth, uniform application and an invisible result!

Wow by Wojooh Contour Revolution – Sculpting Palette – AED110.

To keep all those little imperfections top secret, use the Hide ‘n Seek – Concealer Palette to mask any skin imperfections. Mix all 3 shades to create the perfect tone for you, and cover up any blemishes, redness or dark circles under the eye.

Wow by Wojooh Hide ‘n Seek – Concealer Cream– AED110.

Wow By Wojooh-Hide n seek concealer palette-Sahara Shades-SAR110-AED110-QAR110-BHD11,30-LBP49,500-

The Concealer Brush -07 is best used to tap and blend concealer around the eye area. Use the lightest shade of the Contour Revolution – Sculpting Palette for the perfect look.

Wow by Wojooh Concealer Brush – 07 – AED95.

The Foundation Brush -08 is best used to smoothly set liquid foundation to the entire face. For the perfect application technique, use the brush in an upward and outward motion using a foundation shade that best suits your skin tone.

Wow by Wojooh Foundation Brush – 08 – AED140.

You could even use the brush when using the Contour Revolution – Sculpting Palette, applying the darkest shade under your cheekbones in a tapping motion.

The Flawless Finishing Brush – 11 is best used to perfectly blend any foundation product. When applying foundation, use the brush in an upward and outward motion, giving you flawless results!

Wow by Wojooh Flawless Finishing Brush – 11 – AED125.