By The Beauty Hub  |  May 14th, 2015  |  Brands,Editors Pick,News

The Tria Laser Precision is a slim and ergonomic wonder designed for smaller, more sensitive areas like the face, bikini line or underarms. Its portable and lightweight flexibility allows you to easily remove unwanted hair with permanent results.

The sleek device has been FDA cleared and is doctor recommended to provide permanent hair removal results. The device’s lightweight battery pack has between fifteen and twenty minutes of life, making it ideal for use in smaller areas too.

Unlike the bestselling and most popular laser hair removal machine on the market: The Tria 4X, the Tria Precision has been specifically designed for treating smaller, more sensitive areas of the body. It is a great complement to the Tria 4X, which is kind of like the older sister of this Tria Precision Laser.

So, why another laser hair product from Tria, if the Tria 4X Laser was so popular?

Simply put, Tria listens to their customers. Due to popular demand, women were speaking out and they wanted a laser hair removal device that was more portable, lightweight, and ergonomic and they wanted a face hair removal device. The Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision was designed specifically for facial hair removal and other sensitive and smaller areas of the body. The Tria Laser Precision, with its ergonomic design specifically targets those areas where the bigger hair removal machines with the bigger laser tips can’t quite get to effectively.

Tria Hair Removal Lasers have three times more hair eliminating energy than any other at-home hair removal device on the market. Safe and effective, you’ll get the permanent results of a professional treatment.

The Tria Precision is available from Bloomingdales Dubai, Harvey Nichols and Citruss TV and is priced at AED1650.

For more information visit Tria Beauty.