By The Beauty Hub  |  May 24th, 2015  |  Brands,News

The La Laque collection is a combination of brilliant colour, concentrated enamel pigments, and absolute shine that gives your nails a touch of Parisian chic.

Bourjois used its colour expertise to create the 12 shades in the La Laque collection, a broad spectrum of colours inspired by runways. The formula is concentrated in pure, saturated pigments, for full coverage and shine from the first coat.

La Laque nail enamel’s packaging stands out with its unique design; a modern, streamlined look; the shades shout feminine elegance and powerful shine.

The 12 intense, shiny and perfectly balanced shades include:

1. Whitespirit
The immaculate purity of white.

2. Chair Et Tendre
“Oh, rose the perfect blush for nails.”

3. Orange Outrant
Bright, invigorating orange? Yes,please!

4. Flambant Rose

Bold,intense,reddish pink. Nature dreamed it.

5. Are you Ready?
Ready for an audacious blood red that will make you blush?

6. Fuchsiao Bella
A fuchsia shade inspired by La Dolce Vita.

7. Lycheers
A pale plump as sweet as lychee syrup.

8. Cherry D’Amour
A deep blue red that will make your hear beat. Now and forever.

9. Marron Show
A deep brown with warm hints of red. Try to resist.

10. Beach Violet
A dark plum you can wear in any season,even on the beach!

11. Only Bluuuue
If we had to choose just one, it would be this bright, vibrant royal blue.

12. Ni Vernis Bleu
Is it bluish green or greenish blue? It’s both and neither at the same time.

The La Laque collection is available at Bourjois counters in the UAE.