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Charlotte Knight is well known in the industry to push boundaries when it comes to nail art, colours, textures and applications. She is a true pioneer, an explorer if you will, unafraid to try different things.

I was fortunate enough to meet Charlotte at the launch of Ciate’s collaboration with Olivia Palermo here in Dubai. I warmed to her instantly and could have chatted with her for hours.  What makes her so likeable is her down to earth demeanor and as a new parent I loved the story she told me about her daughter who she loves stealing kisses from.  Charlotte’s daughter is nine years old and every day she will kiss her daughter nine times. “And when she turns ten, eleven and twelve, I will kiss her as many times as her age is that year”.

With her soulful approach to life, no wonder Ciaté stands out in the crowd. Here she shares her thoughts with us on the launch of her first cosmetic line and celeb collaboration with fashion socialite Olivia Palermo.

Hailed as the queen of nail art and trends you have taken the plunge to launch Ciaté first cosmetic line. Tell us about this process?

I have always dreamed of creating my very own colour cosmetics collection. The name Ciaté is in fact an acronym which stands for Colour Innovation Aspriation Trend and Extraordinary and was always created with a vision that was more than just nail!

Olivia Palermo your Guest Creative Director for Ciaté until Spring 2016, how many collections will she be involved in for the brand and to what extent is her involvement?

There will be three collections, Summer, Fall and Christmas. Olivia has been involved in every aspect, making it a true collaboration between our brand and hers, which was crucial to us when deciding to take this journey. She came with a vision very similar to ours, choosing every colour and finish and naming each product after eclectic touches from her own life and style.

How did your collaboration with Olivia Palermo come about?

I have always admired Olivia’s style and her ability to accessorising her outfits flawlessly! It seemed a natural progression for her to create a line of nail and makeup – the most popular way to accessorise a look!

What products do you feature in your new cosmetic line?

We have created a range of nearly 100+ products including lip, eye and cheek collections. The key to the collection is curing makeup woes, offering multi functional products that are easy and fun to use.

What would you say was the hardest and most testing product to create in your cosmetic line?

We knew we always wanted to create a really good mascara, as it is the hardest and most reputable product to create. We worked long and hard on the formula, concept and brush of our Triple Shot Mascara to provide the ultimate lash experience. I am very proud of this product that has already sold out 4 times in the US (after only 1 month on sale online) and achieved the number 13 selling sku on!

What is Ciaté’s current best selling product from your cosmetic line?

This is the Triple Shot mascara mentioned in the previous question that is literally flying off the shelves we can’t seem to keep it in stock!

Tell us more about Glitz Fix. Why glitter for the lips?

We always watch the catwalks for the latest trends and are known for our nail toppers. So we had begun working on this concept, now called Lip & Mix, of creating a formula to adhere lip toppers such as glitter, shimmer and velvet flock to the lip for a truly 3D effect. When we saw the glitter lip on the Rodarte catwalk we knew we were onto a winner!

What is next in line for Ciaté?

We have started big with a full collection of nearly 100 colour cosmetics, but we are forever coming up with innovative, trend driven ideas that will cure your make up woes and embrace our philosophy of ‘Spread love, Dare to Play, Live in Colour’. We will continue to launch a capsule trend collection seasonally, as we do in nail, as well as consider areas of colour that we haven’t yet explored! Watch this space!

Ciaté has many celeb fans, who would you say is your number one celeb fan?

We have been fortunate to attract a strong celebrity following from nail including Beyonce, Blake Lively, and Kylie Jenner to name a few. Olivia Palermo is obviously a big fan of the make-up as well as our nails, and we can’t wait to launch our first range with her this Summer.

What is your go to beauty product that has stood the test of time?

My ‘go to’ red nail polish, ‘mistress’, along with our Speed Coat Topcoat, never goes out of fashion and keeps me preened and glamourous all year round!

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