By The Beauty Hub  |  June 18th, 2015  |  Brands,News

During the hot summer days women tend to shy away from liquid foundations and bases because they melt away under the sun, but for all women, powders are a strict no as they can be quite drying in the dry heat of the region.

Rice Powder Base for Oily to Combination Skin – AED78

A strong winner of their powder range is the Rice Powder that is perfect for oily to combination skin during this season. The powder absorbs sebum instantly while providing moisture. This light-weight powder can be a priming base for the cream foundation lovers among us, or a refining finishing powder for liquid foundation lovers.

Bamboo Powder with Silk Proteins – AED64
The product Bamboo Powder with Silk Proteins is fully active and contains more than 90% of Silica. It helps absorbing excess of sebum and moisture. The antibacterial and calming properties help healing of the skin and regulate production process of sebum glands.

The balance use reflects light, and adding ‘soft focus’ which also reduce the effects of wrinkles and small skin defects. This is the main reasons which encourage makeup artists and photographers using this product and getting the required results. The bamboo powder is enriched with luxury Silk Powder has moisturizing properties too.

Paese Bronzer – AED94
This gorgeous pressed bronzer is ideal for modelling contours of the face. The intensifying shade enhances and creates the effect of suntan. Adding to its vibrant colour, it contains coconut oil for a healthy glow all throughout the day. Natural ingredients like coconut oil keep the face hydrated and the long-lasting formula minimizes reapplications of the product. Paese bronzing powder is suitable for every type of complexion and is also available in matte and pearly shades.

The summer collection is available at Paese Cosmetics outlets in the UAE.