By The Beauty Hub  |  June 10th, 2015  |  Company News,News

With Pureté Thermale, Vichy has re-invented cleansing and make-up removal. It is the next generation of cleansing, offering more effective and pleasurable dimensions through the use of skincare ingredients with anti-pollution and anti-free radical properties, transforming textures enriched with delicate fragrances.

Vichy’s Pureté Thermale is enriched with Vichy Thermal Spa Water at the heart of its formulation, combined with targeted active ingredients. Vichy Thermal Spa Water is rich in 15 minerals that have special properties to soothe, fortify and regenerate the skin. In addition, Vichy has selected ultra-performing ingredients and formulas: Captelae, a plant-based shea extract that draws out pollutants, and Moringa, an anti-pollution active ingredient with protective properties, which are incorporated in formulations based on glycerin, shea butter or Amilite for a fresh skin sensation and optimal comfort. This results in the removal of skin clogging pollutants, leaving behind clear, radiant skin.

Fresh Cleansing Gel, from the new Pureté Thermale range, is an all-new gel that creates a splash of freshness, while eliminating impurities and pollution, and reducing hard-water induced sensations of tightness or pulling. It is tailor-made for women who are looking for an ultra-clean skin. The Fresh Cleansing Gel is formulated with Amilite for a rich, creamy sensation, and the anti-pollutant Moringa. In tests, Fresh Cleansing Gel was proven to be 63% more effective against even the finest pollutant particles. It transforms into hydrating foam that leaves skin cleaner, purer, clearer, softer and more comfortable.

Beautifying Cleansing Micellar Oil is yet another offering in the Pureté Thermale range, is suitable for very dry skin, leaving it feeling comfortable, and also for oily skin, which it effectively cleanses from excess sebum. Double-ended molecules or micelles in the formula are integrated with nourishing Camellia oil to allow quick and effective make-up removal backed by skincare.

Finally, the 3-in-1 One Step Cleanser is a time saver up your sleeve. Its milky texture is designed to be gentle on the skin, for women who are looking to combine cleansing, toning and an eye make-up removal in one step. This cleanser not only fits the busy lifestyles, but it also offers the new-found efficacy on the tiniest pollution particles. Thanks to its formula enriched with the shea extract, Captelae, its anti-pollution efficiency is 72% superior to traditional water-based cleansers. The 3-in-1 One Step Cleanser promises to magnify skin’s radiance while refining its texture.

The Pureté Thermale range consists of 6 products, 6 textures and 6 application techniques to suit every woman’s lifestyle and beauty need, offering made-to-measure formulas for every stage of her life. Other products in the range include the 3-in-1 One Step Cleansing Micellar Solution, the Waterproof Eye Make-Up Remover and Hydrating and Cleansing Foaming Cream to meet the growing needs for intense cleansing. In addition to offering products suited to every skin type and need, Vichy’s Pureté Thermale’s new anti-pollution and anti-free radical properties provide the deep down solution for truly clean, healthy and beautiful skin!