By The Beauty Hub  |  July 20th, 2015  |  Brands,News

Number one among bronzing powders, Terracotta is reinvented for a fleeting edition. In an irresistible XXL format, decorated with a unique design, Guerlain’s Tan-Enhancing Bronzer Face and Décolleté has to be the season’s most covetable collector!

Open the matte white lacquered compact, and the Terracotta 2015 collector spirits you away to a deserted beach where all is calm and restful. The irresistible powder represents a motif of golden dunes, as if naturally sculpted by the gentle swell of the sea. Inspired by smooth sand bathed in summer light, it warms skin with a radiant glow all season long. At its centre is the emblem of Terracotta, a subtly sprayed golden sun that fades away gracefully after a few sweeps of the brush. Deliciously scented with a note of tiaré flower, the powder leaves a sensual and exotic impression on the skin.

Two shades come together to warm all skin tones with an exceptionally natural-looking radiant glow, which adapts seamlessly to a developing tan. As summer passes, the soft coral shade, which is ideal for the start of the season, gradually makes way for the universal bronzing shade.

Designed for all skin tones, it is perfect for unifying, intensifying and highlighting a natural tan as it progressively deepens towards midsummer. The powder’s soft-as-silk texture, which never dries out the skin, should be applied with a brush using the failsafe “3 gesture” devised by Olivier Echaudemaison for a flawlessly sculpted glow: from forehead to cheekbones, from cheekbones to chin, then down towards the throat. This gesture subtly follows the most prominent areas of the face where – because the sun catches them first – tanning is naturally more intense. With its generous format, Terracotta can be used all summer long when and where you like – it’s particularly good at enhancing the décolleté!

Terracotta Terre D’Éte 2015 is available at Guerlain counters in the UAE.