By The Beauty Hub  |  July 7th, 2015  |  Brands,News

A perfect brow shape is finally accessible to all thanks to Bourjois! Eyebrow pens, mascaras and pencils can be applied with surprising ease, so you can get going without raising an eyebrow!

New Brow Natural, a eyebrow felt-tip pen with a natural finish is equipped with a discreet, semi-transparent formula that allows you to easily and subtly reshape your eyebrows. Thanks to its precise and flawless tip, it draws perfect, smudge-free thin and thick lines. It can be applied in small strokes to the areas you’d like to fill in, and your brows will stay perfectly shaped for 16h!

Three ultra-natural shades that will blend in perfectly with your eyebrows:
01 Blond – 02 Châtain- 03 Brun.

Sourcil Précision Brow pencil with built-in brush offers a precise, comfortable application and can be easily blended. In one stroke and a sweep of the brush, your eyebrows will be neat, reshaped and intensified!

Six shades that match your hair colour:

01 Noir ébène – 03 Châtain – 04 Blond foncé – 06 Blond clair – 07 Noisette – 08 Brun brunette.

New Brow Design Brow Mascara provides instant triple action, a styling, tinting and setting formula in a soft-brush mascara designed to tidy up and fill in your eyebrows. Instantly, your eyebrows will be tinted, styled, fixed and defined. Your eyebrows will be shaped and enhanced all day long.

Four intense shades for a look full of character:

01 Transparent – 02 Blond – 03 Châtain – 04 Brun.

Bourjois New Brow Beauty Touch an eye Illuminating pencil not only enhances and shapes your eyebrows, but also instantly makes your eyes look brighter, more open and younger by illuminating darker areas and blurring imperfections.

Its creamy, glide-on, non-greasy formula makes it pleasant to apply and very easy to blend with your finger. The product blends in naturally with the skin for a touch of radiance all day long.

One illuminating, slightly pearly shade.