By The Beauty Hub  |  July 1st, 2015  |  Brands,News

For women who dye their hair blonde, or even certain shades of brunette, brassy hues are inevitable no matter how cool-toned your original shade is. Blame the sun or your shampoo – once that brass shows up, you gotta deal with it quick and smart!

When your colour turns brassy, it can be tempting to just call the salon and have it redone. But, that habit gets expensive real fast. What’s an unintentionally brass-ified girl to do?

In most cases, just the tap water you wash your hair with is the offending party, causing your expensive dye job to change colours, often shifting orange. You’ll need some kind of violet-tinted hair product to help tame those brassy tones. With Color WOW’s Brass Banned, you can combine the styling benefits of a medium-hold mousse with a temporary violet-based toner.

Color WOW Brass Banned Mousse – Blonde Hair
Banish Brassy blonde! This colour-correcting, pale-violet mousse helps eliminate unwanted yellow or brassy tones for blonde that’s pure and true. Unique, non-alcohol, non-drying formula makes styling easier. Brass Banned for Blonde Hair dispenses as a violet-hued styling mousse, which helps camouflage brassy tones for blondes.

Color WOW Brass Banned Mousse – Dark Hair
Brass Banned for Dark Hair removes brassy tones for brunettes with its vibrant teal hue. Brown dyes can oxidize over time turning rich brunette tones reddish or orange. Brass Banned Mousse for dark hair is a lovely teal colour, which counteracts brassy tones, returning brown hair to its original richness and depth.

Color WOW products are currently available from Sisters Beauty Lounge, Beauty by Edge, Imar Spa, The White Room, Jam, Blo Dry Bar DXB, Sharjah Ladies Club and Marquee Salon. Color Wow is also set to launch in House of Fraser in June 2015.

Brass Banned Mousse is priced at AED140.