By The Beauty Hub  |  July 29th, 2015  |  Brands,News

Even though the scorching summer has arrived, Parfums de Marly reveals a way you can be fragrant and cool throughout the entire season! The prominent perfumery unveils its set of fragrances for the unrelenting season that will keep you fresh and sweet-smelling; Darcey, Galloway and Shagya.

Named after one of the earliest recorded stallions also known as “Royal Mare”, Darcy, Parfums De Marly’s latest fragrance, reflects the refined spirit of its namesake. The elegant Darcy is the feminine fragrance that is part of the prominent brand’s Royal Essence Collection. True to its grand roots, the ambrosial perfume is an assortment of luxurious scents. Darcy blends sparkling citrus accents with sweet floral notes, white musk and patchouli together deliver a sensual and suave character to the perfume. Arriving in a fully gold bottle that lends a further touch of sophistication, Darcy is as regal on the outside as it is on the inside.

Galloway, has been christened after the white robust horse that was discovered in the 18th century in the deep valleys of South Scotland. Providing a fitting source of inspiration for Parfums De Marly’s fragrance, the superior shape of this grand stallion was entirely adapted to the harsh climate and the rocky mountains of Scotland. The perfume boasts of top notes of Hesperides and moves on to become more sensual with the combination of amber and musk. All in all, the divine mixture of notes brings out an elegant and forceful signature.

Named after the majestic Arabian breed of horses, Shagya, the Oud Lime Scent, is the most exclusive of the Royal Essence collection. Coming from the miraculous age of King Louis XV who adored the horse racing of the 18th century, called for Jean Fargeon to create the fragrances of his majesty’s “perfumed court” that represents elegance and masculinity. The top notes of the fragrance tingle with the citric freshness of Limette, Bergamot and Pink Berries and gently give way to a heart of Geranium, Cedre and Oud. The fragrance settles with the woody scents of Vetiver, Wood of Gaiac, Papyrus and Musk.

Mark a scented summer with Parfums de Marly’s exquisite set of summer scents.