By Rukash Raza  |  July 21st, 2015  |  Beauty Articles,Editors Pick,News

You can go on and buy the most expensive skincare and hair products but nothing and I mean nothing can beat the power of oils. Oils are meant to replenish, soothe, moisturise our skin and hair and actually do it, unlike many high-end products which claim to work wonders but all it does it is make you wonder why did you spend so much on something that did so little.

We had to test this ‘theory’ which is not a theory anymore, thats why natural oils are better than any chemical skin and hair product any day and for anyone.

We put some natural oils to the test and the results were more than amazing. The oils listed below have been personally tested and we recommend anyone whose looking to improve the condition of your skin and hair to give it a try. (You can thank us later).

This is going to be an overview of our favourite oils:

Acne/Blemished skin – you might want to consider this your new best friend, it won’t let you down but might make you ditch all your other creams and gels. Now, we are not certain if it will completely cure your skin if you have highly pigmented or severe acne, but nevertheless it is a must try. For someone who breaks out every now and then this oil is a miracle and you will definitely find yourself restocking it. This is none other than Tree Tea oil available at the Body Shop.


Dry/Damaged/Frizzy/Dull hair – yes, if your facing one or all of these problems there is only one solution to get rid of all of the above, this gorgeous oil can cater to all of these issues. Weather your hair is damaged because of styling, too much sun exposure, using the wrong hair products and your left with hair that you no longer like well then you need not worry, applying this oil once a week will definitely bring back life to any kind of lifeless hair. This is Definitely a God send and its name is Mustard oil.


No Shine/Rough/Itchy scalp – look no further, by adding this oil to your hairwash routine will work as a cleanser for the scalp, leaving your hair soft and shiny. Every once in a while just as our face needs deep cleansing, our hair does too. This oil works as an excellent cleanser for the scalp without the risk of hair-fall. This beauty multi-purpose oil can be used with skincare products as well but we added this to our hair regime and left the hair smooth, silky and cleaner than ever. This beauty is 100% natural Jojoba oil and can be found at GNC.


Makeup Remover – we all have those days where we’re too lazy to wash our faces and that’s when we opt for quick easy makeup removers but regardless of being lazy or not, you should always use a makeup remover before washing your face. We have tried one to many makeup removers, some good, some not so much but inexpensive can be found in a kitchen oil which is perfect for any skin type and does the job better than anything on the market. Removing your makeup is 100% essential but some makeup removers leave the skin dry, some leave it greasy, some may face breakouts if it doesn’t suite your skin. Try using Olive oil on a cotton ball and wipe it on your face before washing it and even if you don’t feel like washing your face, leave it on and let the olive oil do its wonders on your skin, you will wake up to beautiful glowing skin.

So we are going to make it short and sweet since these are the four oils that we swear by, now there are plenty of other amazing oils but the ones listed above works beautifully on every skin type.

There will be an in-depth review of oils coming out on our website soon, catering to specific skin and hair issues but for now give these ones a try and let us know what you think!