By The Beauty Hub  |  August 11th, 2015  |  Brands,Editors Pick,News

Elie Saab has introduced two new fragrances EssenceN°7 Neroli and Essence N°6 Vetiver to his La Collection des Essence.

Essence N°7 Neroli was conceived by Francis Kurkdjian when he discovered a neroli distilled from orange blossoms grown in Lebanon, the Couturier’s homeland. It is the very first time this rare essence is used in fine fragrance. In his hands, it turns into gleaming fragrant satin.

Such a unique ingredient required star treatment. The Lebanese Neroli was offered a rare luxury: it was left to mature for two full years after its extraction. Through this ageing process, once traditional but often bypassed nowadays, the alchemy of time can work its mysterious effects. Over the months, this Haute Couture orange blossom becomes more refined, and sheds its less pleasing facets to reveal its floral quintessence.

Just like Elie Saab showcases his most precious materials with boldly simple silhouettes, the perfumer composed a streamlined formula to highlight the crystal purity of his neroli. White cedar, with its smooth, “fresh wood” notes, to give it structure. Adding contrast, the burning spiciness of clove underlines the flower’s sensuousness and binds it to the woody base notes. A breeze of musk, like a rippling veil of silk chiffon, extends the radiant sillage into infinity.

Radiant and dark, creamy and dry, verdant and smoky, vetiver is a stunningly mutable material. A “vertical” wood-scented essence whose contrasting facets express themselves from top to base notes or rather, from crown to roots  in a composition.

Vetiver was therefore an obvious choice when Francis Kurkdjian decided to evoke the tall, slender gowns Elie Saab transfigures through a dazzling work on ornamentation. Thus, the precious ingredient’s complex olfactory palette reflects the subtle colour gradients that have become one of the Couturier’s signature techniques.

Essence N°6 Vetiver blends the two noblest varieties of this potent, complex ingredient: the softer and rounder Haitian Vetiver and the drier and smokier Javanese Vetiver. To sculpt these gorgeous wood notes, the perfumer drew his inspiration from a timelessly elegant fragrance family, the fougères. Like the streamlined cut of a couture sheath, this classic form brings structure to the lavish materials selected by the perfumer.

A lavish dose of Calabrian bergamot highlights the sparkling grapefruit facet naturally present in vetiver. Its fresh, bracing effect is extended into the heart notes by aromatic tarragon and lavender. Adorning these bracing accords, the rosy accents of geranium blend with violet into subtly floral embroidery.

As it evolves, Essence N°6 Vetiver takes on darker tones. Set ablaze by clove, rooted in a papyrus and cashmere wood accord, vetiver unfolds a smoky, powerful yet refined sillage. A sublime metamorphosis, imagined as a fragrant echo to Elie Saab’s sublimely sensuous silhouettes.

Elie Saab La Collection des Essences fragrances are available at Bloomingdales Dubai, Harvey Nichols and Elie Saab boutiques in the UAE.