By The Beauty Hub  |  August 3rd, 2015  |  Company News,News

The new Beauty Cleansers line from Guerlain is bringing a real skincare dimension to make-up removal. The debris of the day vanishes at a touch and skin recovers its radiance and can breathe.

True to its reputation for being passionate about fine raw ingredients, the House of Guerlain has chosen nigella flower, the symbol of perfection and serenity, for its Beauty Cleansers. A treasure from the Lands of the Orient, nigella flower with hypnotic blue petals boasts antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties known since Antiquity.

A key ingredient in the Beauty Cleansers’ formulas, nigella flower neutralises upstream the chemical oxidation reactions caused by pollution and UV rays. By renewing the level of glutathione (an antioxidant found naturally in the skin), it reduces cell oxidation and limits free radical production. Cell activity is reactivated. Freed of impurities, the skin can breathe again and reveals a vibrant glow.

Five unique formulas, five key steps, five sensory textures to accompany women whatever their skin type and concerns, through every season. Silky, delicate, refreshing and deliciously scented, cleansing becomes a real beauty moment that offers the skin  exceptional purity and restored radiance.

  • L’Eau de Beauté, fine and hydrating beauty water.
  • La Mousse de Beauté, light and refreshing beauty foam.
  • Le Lait de Beauté, silky smooth and comforting beauty milk.
  • La Crème de Beauté, rich and nourishing beauty cream.
  • Beauté des Yeux, protective and effective biphase eye make-up remover.

L’Eau de Beauté Micellar Solution – Pure Radiance Cleanser
The first essential skincare step, Eau de Beauté concentrates all the effectiveness of a make-up remover, cleanser and toner for quick and effective cleansing in just one step. This unique, almost gel-like liquid is applied with a cotton pad to refresh the skin like beneficial dew. Its micelles – surfactant molecules – gently cleanse and trap the slightest impurity and every last trace of make-up on the face and eyes, while toning the skin.

La Crème de Beauté – Pure Radiance Cleansing Cream
More than a century after Crème Secret de Bonne Femme, Guerlain presents a new cleansing cream, Crème de Beauté, a make-up remover that offers the ultimate in sensorial cleansing. The richness and generosity of this creamy balm make each use a moment of pure bliss for all skin types.

Le Lait de Beauté Satin Milk – Pure Radiance Cleanser
Lightweight and yet incredibly silky smooth and enveloping, Lait de Beauté removes all types of make-up with incredible results, whether on the face or eyes. Its generous texture melts under the fingers, leaving the skin satin soft and extremely comfortable. Skin is radiant, smooth and supple.

Beauté des Yeux Lash-Protecting Biphase – Pure Radiance Cleanser
This extremely fresh biphase oil gently cleanses eyes that are sensitive due to wearing contact lenses. It offers instant comfort and an amazing feeling of cleanliness. Its beauty secret? A fortifying active ingredient that strengthens the lashes* for eyes that are more beautiful with each passing day.

La Mousse de Beauté Gentle Foam Wash – Pure Radiance Cleanser
The ideal complement to make-up removal, this luscious airy foam perfectly purifies the skin. Rich and dense, it gently cleanses and clarifies the complexion. It transforms into a silky cream on contact with water. Skin is soft, smooth and radiantly translucent. Its moisture levels are maintained.

Guerlain has also developed an exclusive signature fragrance for the Beauty Cleansers. It enfolds the skin in a delicate scent blending the purity of white tea, the comforting freshness of musky notes and a touch of jasmine.