By The Beauty Hub  |  August 5th, 2015  |  Brands,News

The new generation of Everlasting Foundation is for women who want a flawless complexion, with no touch-ups needed and no compromise on their skin’s well-being and comfort.

Enriched with organic quinoa and anti-pollution plant active ingredients, Everlasting Foundation+ combines hold and comfort for 18 hours, flawless coverage and protection. You almost forget you’re wearing make-up.

Heat, humidity, stress, Everlasting Foundation + resists them all, for 18 hours, with no touch-ups needed. This achievement is the result of a combination of High Fidelity System+ technology and bamboo powder.

  • It adheres to the skin surface: the silicones in the High Fidelity System+ have ideal affinity with the hydrolipidic film while bamboo powder absorbs excess sebum. Foundation coverage is even, with impeccable hold.
  • Even, long-lasting distribution of pigments: the High Fidelity System+ holds them perfectly on the skin surface and prevents them running into lines. Foundation colour remains true.
  • No-transfer effect.

Its very smooth texture contains less powder to instantly conceal dark spots, redness and other imperfections. The complexion is flawless and even, with no unwanted masking effect or feeling of thickness.

Radiance is often the most difficult quality to achieve and maintain when you are looking for a flawless complexion. To eliminate a dull, grey look, Clarins Laboratories have developed a light booster, the Light-Optimizing+ Complex, which instantly captures, diffuses and magnifies light.

For even more comfort on application and throughout the day, Clarins has enriched the formula of Everlasting Foundation + with organic quinoa extract. This active ingredient with nutritive benefits helps maintain supple skin and reinforces the moisturising action of the plant micro-patch.

Since all women across the world share the same desire for a flawless complexion and beautiful skin, Everlasting Foundation + is available in 19 shades.

To create the perfect shades of its new Everlasting Foundation + formula, Clarins worked with its complexion experts from across the world: Asian, Ethnic and Caucasian professionals personally tested, evaluated and selected the shade or shades adapted to their particular skin tones.

Consequently, the range now has 5 additional shades so that every woman can find her perfect match.

Clarins_2015_30ml_Everlasting Foundation_Models