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For the first time, L’Oreal Advanced Research has succeeded in very closely targeting damaged, over-processed hair to give it new life. Résistance Thérapiste from Kérastase is a range rich with four new product references benefitting from upgraded effectiveness.

Soin Premier Therapiste, Bain Therapiste, Masque Therapiste and Serum Therapiste
are colour-coded with a metallic blue-tinged green, symbolic of renewal. An alliance of highly desirable modernity and revolutionary performance, since it combines Fibra-Kaps complex and Sève de Resurrection.

Because the nature of every woman’s hair is different and expresses itself differently, Kérastase has invented two customized routines.

One is dedicated to fine hair, the other to thick hair. Both are delectably sensorial. For women in search of gorgeous sensations. The last step is common to both routines, a finishing product designed to finalise the beauty techniques.

Fine Hair – Soin Premier + Bain Thérapiste + Sérum Thérapiste – strength regained with a light touch.

Thick Hair – Bain Thérapiste + Masque Thérapiste + Sérum Thérapiste – strength regained for voluptuous hair.

All Hair Types – Sérum Thérapiste

Innovation 1
Soin Premier Thérapiste

Usage – Routine for fine hair

Habits may indeed be second nature but it’s not always right for the nature of a woman’s hair. Kérastase is shaking up old routines with a new technique that’s just right for fine hair.

Thanks to its innovative technology, Soin Premier Thérapiste plays the role of a smart starter. Formulated to bind the hair in the manner of a protective gauze, it works upstream to infuse the fibre with softness so it is protected during washing.

A revolutionary technique initiated by Kérastase which reminds the “reversepoo” trend, or reverse routine, which originated in the United States. That means using a conditioner before washing the hair in order to avoid weighing down the fibre.

The Technique

Before shampooing, apply to damp hair so the fibre can gently absorb it to protect it without weight. Minutes wait a few minutes, lather and then rinse.

The Sensation

With its reassuring, particularly velvety texture, the fibre feels weightlessly protected before washing.

Innovation 2
Bain Thérapiste

Usage – Routine for fine hair and thick hair

A well-deserved reward for every type of hair, Bain Thérapiste benefits from a new technology and is highly charged with cationic polymers to boost repair power. The unprecedented texture and the sensation of a semi-solid gel surround the fibre to reduce friction during washing.

The Technique 

Rub the product between the fingers and emulsify well to feel the transformation. Apply first to the ends and then to the lengths and roots to get a feel for the fibre and determine which areas are the most damaged. Rinse.

The Sensation

With the very first application, a rich mousse penetrates, revives and envelops the fibre.

Innovation 3
Masque Thérapiste

Usage – Routine for thick hair

The rich, reconstructive, velvety texture fuses onto the hair to fill it with reparative complexes that restore the fibre. Comforted and revitalized, the fibre feels almost virginally pure.

Thanks to its innovative technology, Soin Premier Thérapiste plays the role of a smart starter. Formulated to bind the hair in the manner of a protective gauze, it works upstream to infuse the fibre with softness so it is protected during washing.

The Technique

Towel dry the hair then apply the product section by section throughout the length of the hair. Wait a few minutes, with the exact time depending on how the hair feels. Rinse well.

The Sensation

Treated to the highly cosmetic texture and the sensation of comfort, thick hair looks livelier and more vibrant.

Innovation 4
Double Sérum Thérapiste

Usage – Routine for fine hair and thick hair

Doubly effective, this product combines an oil-based care agent, which has the particular quality of being able to very delicately moisturise the fibre, with a denser, cream-textured top-coat to treat and seal ends. A subtle mix of compounds that are highly cutting-edge but contradictory in terms of formulation, this product offers unique results.

Third performance factor: the fibres are thermo-protected when using heated styling tools at temperatures of up to 230°C / 446°F.

The Technique

Two small pump doses and the textures fuse in the palm of the hand. Emulsify with the fingertips and apply to the ends and lengths of towel-dried hair.

The Sensation

A finish that is immediately noticeable by everyone, an extra dose of softness as a final touch.

The In-salon Resistance Thérapiste Experience

The know-how of Kérastase ambassador stylists is expressed with sensitivity in the in-salon ritual, where the hair is carefully “listened to” during the course of two futuristic protocols so that it is beautifully revived and brought back to life.

The 4- Sérum Ritual (10 minutes)

10 minutes to restore ends that look new and virginally undamaged. By combining the sealing power of Sérum Thérapiste formulas with Fibre Architecte, split ends are no longer anything but a bad dream.

Step 1 – on towel dried hair – Sérum Thérapiste on the ends + blow dryer.

Step 2 – on dry hair – Fibre Architecte throughout the lengths + straightening iron.

Resuscitation Ritual (20 minutes)

Designed to act as a “survival blanket,” the isothermal turban enables the active ingredients to optimally penetrate the fibre thanks to the effect of heat.

Fine Hair

Step 1 – Plump – Soin Premier Thérapiste + isothermal turban.

Step 2 – Bind – Bain Thérapiste.

Step 3 – Seal – Sérum Thérapiste.

Thick Hair

Step 1 – Revive – Bain Thérapiste.

Step 2 – Treat – Masque Thérapiste + isothermal turban.

Step 3 – Seal – Sérum Thérapiste.