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In creating for her l’absolu, Narciso Rodriguez was inspired by modern femininity’s profound evolution and duality. The goal was to capture a more powerful intensity without being overwhelming.

For her l’absolu celebrates a woman’s strength and her vulnerability with logic and beauty in an addictive composition that’s both timeless and timely. “I’ve always been transfixed by women who project strength with passion and radiate grace and beauty from-the-inside-out,” says the designer.

In a gesture of exquisite grace, Carmen Kass portrays passion and desire in an image that’s both straightforward and elegant—with a hint of the erotic. “for her l’absolu conjures the ultimate fantasy—an unpredictable mystery – that’s grounded in reality yet evokes the enigma of seduction” adds Narciso Rodriguez.

For her l’absolu is simultaneously raw yet refined, yet intimate—and flawlessly feminine. Absolute of jasmin, a voluptuous floral, transforms the signature heart of musc in an intoxicating olfactive composition. Soft amber notes and smooth woody notes of sandalwood and patchouli add a rich depth that envelops tenderly.

The signature bottle containing for her l’absolu is a deep aubergine, a new colour for the fragrance range. Aubergine was one of the very first signature colors from the house of Narciso Rodriguez and remains an essential chapter in its ever evolving story. Originally inspired by ancient Chinese snuff bottles, the bottles in Narciso Rodriguez’s for her range are not unlike objects of art. Simple forms are transformed by for her’s original process of painting from within to lend a light infused glow and, now, an even more mysterious translucence.

For him bleu noir

For him bleu noir, the new fragrance for men from Narciso Rodriguez redefines masculine sensuality with a scent that’s clean and sharp yet enigmatic and extremely seductive. The new fragrance captures the epitome of modern men with great depth and clarity and a unique spirit.

“I wanted to create a fragrance that was sexy in a new way for the modern man. It is as cool, mysterious and addictive as it is bright, clean and defined. The addictive heart of musc is surrounded by fresh green notes in an extremely modern composition. The quality that I love most about this fragrance is that it is unusually unique and very sensual.”

The name bleu noir is inspired by the designer’s passion for the profound nuances of the sky at night. “I love the range of blacks that capture the depth of the sky—at dusk or at midnight,” says the designer. “There’s a dark blue that’s almost black, a colour which has been a part of my work; it’s really become a fundamental of the collection. At times we’ve called it blue-black; at times we’ve called it midnight. Why is the name French? I liked the sound of it.”

The designer’s signature musc remains as the magical heart of the fragrance and is heightened with spicy top notes—cardamom and nutmeg—and seductive woody notes—blue Atlas cedar and black ebony wood.

The bottle remains a simple pure rectangle except it’s a dark blue with a mystique of its own; its multi-layered transparency is created by the signature process of painting from within. The outer packaging echoes the dark blue.

Billy Vandendooren embodies the sensuality of Narciso rodriguez’s new masculine fragrance, for him bleu noir, with an insouciance that’s quite compelling. Still a student, Billy Vandendooren is quickly becoming one of the hottest new faces in fashion. “When I see men that I find inspiring, they exude confidence, just as Billy does in this image. Not only is he confident, he is masculine and extremely sensual.”

for him bleu noir


Nothing could be more natural than to further enhance a woman’s personal aura than the addition of the NARCISO bath line. This complementary scented line extends and transforms the mysterious, sexy nature of the captivating fragrance with its singular skin-on-skin sensuality and lends a new sense of intimacy.

NARSICO Scented Body Cream is a luxurious moisture-rich cream that leaves the skin soft and supple. The body is dissolved in an exquisite synthesis of signature musc, vetiver and cedars woody notes as well as tender florals of gardenia and Bulgarian rose. Contained in a pure stone white cube with subtle black logo and designed by Narciso Rodriguez to please the eye, NARCISO body cream will add beauty and grace to the home as well as to the body.

NARCISO Scented Body Lotion nourishes and softens with a weightless lotion enriched with vitamin E to hydrate skin continuously. A silky texture melts into the skin as a subtle musc-based scent with notes of vetiver, cedars and Bulgarian rose and gardenia surrounds and satiates.

NARCISO Scented Shower Cream is a sumptuous cleansing cream that renders the body sleek and soft. With soft sensual gestures, the shower cream cleanses the body completely while it refreshes and refines the skin to a fine polish. A delicate cloud of scent —warm musc with vetiver and cedars, florals including gardenia and Bulgarian rose — is released to linger.

NARCISO Scented Hair Mist is lightly infused with fragrance. A voluptuous musc with a blend of vetiver, cedars and florals such as Bulgarian rose and gardenia, provides hair with a lustrous shine and easy styling that endures. The 30ml spray bottle, a long and slim rectangle in stone white with signature black logo, fits easily into almost any bag, to be used anywhere and anytime.