By The Beauty Hub  |  September 3rd, 2015  |  Brands,News

Dignified by House of Sillage is a riveting new addition to House of Sillage’s  world renowned parfum collections, sure to enthrall the most discerning men of the world.

A leading name in the world of Haute Parfumerie, Dignified by House of Sillage has been created for the man who provokes envy and admiration, a new class of man who cares deeply to distinguish his life and the story behind it.

Nicole Mather speaks of the launch and her take on the fragrance, “A portrayal of the men of the world that take time to remember why they have everything.” A true call of action to, “Live for greatness.”

Striking a perfectly composed balance of naturally robust agar wood with compelling traces of smoked vetiver. A resolute announcement to fortify the texture of this sinewy fragrance with an unyielding spice veil of saffron and custom aged clove.

To find out more visit House of Sillage.

Dignified by House of Sillage is available from Bloomingdale’s Dubai Mall.

Price:  AED1280.