By Kaya Skin Clinic  |  September 20th, 2015  |  Beauty Articles,Company News,Editors Pick,News

Kaya Ultima Laser Hair Removal, the next generation laser hair removal technique, targets larger areas with a single beam and unveils smooth skin in a single pass.

A truly painless process thanks to a special cryogen-based Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) that delivers cooling to the epidermal level of your skin in the very same instant as the laser pulse. It keeps your skin smoother for longer, delaying hair re-growth by the longest period ever known. It does so by penetrating deeper into skin tissue and directing a controlled amount of therapeutic heat at the hair root.

Dr Olfa Fahem, Beauty Advisor and Medical Innovations Manager at Kaya Skin Clinic, said: “Laser Hair Removal has always been a forte at Kaya Skin Clinic. Following the success achieved in KSA, we are proud to launch Kaya Ultima in UAE and Oman. Kaya Ultima offers us the flexibility to adapt our technology for the benefit of our customers in an effective, painless and smoother way. The presence of a dermatologist who determines the fluence used based on your skin and hair type and skilled and trained therapist who administer the service ensures the safety of our clients! “

She added: “Unlike other laser hair removal technologies, you feel a cool rush instead of a heat rush thanks to the Cryogen-based DCD cooling. The biggest USP of this treatment is the time taken to treat larger areas by almost one third the time as compared to other laser technologies!”

Kaya Ultima Laser Hair Removal needs 3 to 6 sessions, or a bit more depending on the skin colour, coarseness of hair, and the area of the body being treated, besides gender and underlying health conditions. Customers can have long intervals of 6 to 8 weeks (or even more) between main sessions, based on what the dermatologists’ recommends.