By The Beauty Hub  |  September 6th, 2015  |  Editors Pick,Interviews,News

Zoe Sugg aka “Zoella” is a YouTube personality who started her channel in 2009.

With more than 9 million subscribers, her content covers everything from beauty and fashion hauls to cooking, vlogging and collaborations with other YouTubers.

2014 was a big year for Zoe. She signed a two-book deal with Penguin Books, with the first book being published in November 2014 called Girl Online. The book was the fastest selling book of 2014 and broke the record for highest first week sales for a debut author. Even though she theoretically did not write the book, the concept and idea was hers to begin with. Her sequel book is due for release in October 2015.

Also in September 2014 came the launch of Zoella Beauty her bath and body skincare range.  For those that did not know, her range is now available in the UAE at Virgin Mega Stores. So let’s hear first hand from Zoella how all this success has come about.


Was it always a dream of yours to have your own beauty brand or did it progress from your YouTube videos?

I’ve always loved beauty and makeup, but I never dreamed I’d have my own products. If you’d told me back then that I would have my own range, I would never have believed you! It’s so amazing that it has progressed from my videos with the support from the people that watch my videos. I definitely have to pinch myself at least once a day!

It can’t be easy to launch a successful beauty brand, who are the team of people that worked with you behind the scene to bring your brand to fruition?

I feel so lucky to have such an amazing team, my manager especially is so lovely and has supported me all of the way and helped me bring my ideas to life – they are always there for me if I need them and they keep me organized.

Tell us why more about the products in your collection and why the particular focus on body care?

I chose to create a bath and body range as anyone can use them. I love baths as they are great for both your body and soul – after a busy day you can relax and unwind in a bath and it can make you feel so much better if you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed. I think that “me” time or giving yourself a few hours in the week to pamper yourself is important so for me, this was the route I wanted to go down. I think my favourite products are the ones for the bath, I love the Bath Soak, but I think the Fizz Bar is my favourite. I’ve always been a huge sucker for things that fizz in the tub.


We love that you have injected some humour into naming some of your products like the Soak Opera Bath Soak and Shower Cream; if you were to launch a nail polish what would you call it?

I actually have no idea! I’ve never thought about doing a nail polish line so I wouldn’t know what to call it!

You are a role model for many young girls around the world, who is yours and why?

My lovely friends are my role models! I feel so lucky to be surrounded by so many talented people doing amazing things. When I see some of the incredible things that they are doing I feel so inspired.

You have a massive following on YouTube, you’ve published a book and launched a beauty range, how do you top this? What do you want to do next?

When I started my channel, I never in my wildest dreams expected any of these amazing things to happen, I’m so grateful that they have but it’s all still a bit of a shock! I’ve just released a new range of products and have the sequel to my book coming out later in the year which is so cool, but after that I have no idea – which is the exciting thing about it.