By The Beauty Hub  |  October 28th, 2015  |  Company News,Editors Pick,News

Azzaro Pour Homme Intense, an opulent and enveloping eau de parfum, has been crafted with exceptional ingredients for fine connoisseurs who appreciate the nobility of high quality products. Its codes are inspired by the world of fine spirits.

Reworked around warm and even more sensual notes, the emblematic ‘Fougere Aromatic Woody’ signature of Azzaro Pour Homme exudes a new kind of passion, a refined and irresistible charm, with a gentle liquorish amber effect, like the soft caress of a fine Armagnac. It makes way to a ‘Fougere Woody Amber’ signature that offers the man who wears it a contemporary virility.

Azzaro Pour Homme Intense is built around an accord composed of three quality ingredients, which are traceable and derived from sustainable development. These noble and powerful ingredients elegantly mingle to give birth to the opulent and sensual signature of Azzaro Pour Homme Intense.

  • Cinnamon from Laos, also called royal cinnamon, of exceptional quality, gives the fragrance its warm woody character through its spicy facet. This spice, the oldest in the world, requires patience and perseverance, since it only yields its treasure every two years.
  • Vetiver from Haiti, considered by perfumers to be the most refined and balanced specie of vetiver, is a root that distills its smoky and complex notes at the heart of Azzaro Pour Homme Intense. At once dry and moist, fresh and warm, this ambivalence offers one of the finest woody notes in perfumery.
  • Native to Venezuela, the Tonka bean has dry cacao, toffee and coffee tones, that create a totally ravishing, addictive and voluptuous note.

Its sober, elegant and masculine codes evoke those of dark alcohols. While the streamlined iconic Azzaro pour Homme bottle sports liqueur-like tones, the amber hues of the fragrance evoke the color of the finest cognacs. Lastly, the cap is a matt black to reflect the universe of esthetes, superbly embo- died by Azzaro Pour Homme Intense.

For this new edition, Azzaro Pour Homme’s icon Ian Somerhalder once again lends his intense blue gaze to the camera. Darker and more mysterious, the charm of the Azzaro Pour Homme Intense man operates instantly.