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Atelier Flou is a luxury French fragrance house born from the sketches, paintings and poems of Jean Francois Cabos. Jean turned to renowned perfumer Jacques Chabert, who has worked in house for Chanel and Guerlain to help bring his ideas and visions to life.

The fragrance collection has been expertly blended to include the very best ingredients and reflect the true art of perfumery.

Could you tell me a little about yourself before Atelier-Flou?

I used to head up the fashion division for Balenciago before it was sold to Gucci in the latter part of 2001.

Describe Atelier-Flou? Tell us about the types of perfume that you create as well as your brand’s philosophy or ethos?

We do not follow trends or fashions, nor strive to astonish or surprise, but simply create for the pleasure of formulating subtle, well-balanced, refined and vibrant harmonies. Discovering and wearing these harmonies will bring you pleasure, hour after hour, and day.

Atelier-Flou is a relatively new fragrance house, tell us more about the fragrances that form your collection?

For Men:

  • Katanathis perfume blends Cypress, Juniper, Cardamom, Coriander and Patchouli into a masculine fragrance that fits every occasion.
  • Black Purple – this intense scent is a mix of Fresh fern, Rosemary, Liatrix, Nutmeg, Amber and Vetiver.
  • Amarcord – a subtle and spicy scent, Amarcord blends lush lily-of-the-valley and cool iris notes with smooth, soft incense that brings back memories of the happiest childhood.
  • Monsieur Mon Amour – the glowing of the hearth and the feeling of cosy leathers for an unusual and astonishing refinement. When the incense of Somalia meets the attar of the wood of Gaiac of Paraguay. Serenity.
  • Eau d’Aviateur – is a bouquet of blue flowers, petitgrain of Sicily and orange oil of Brazil for this water which goes like one second spiritual skin.

For Her:

  • Shamsin – a fragrance that is as gentle as a kiss on the hand, Shamsin boasts of notes of Jasmine, narcissus, rose, iris, cistus absolute, incense, cedar, patchouli and vanilla.
  • Liva – Liva is a spicy, lightly fruity, subtly daring perfume with a burst of juicy mandarin and bergamot cut with a lightly spiced, vegetal presence that sets the stage for a spicy heart of cinnamon, ginger and pepper.
  • Sloane Rose – this lady-like scent blends Jasmine, violet, orange, rose, cedar and amber.
  • Ten Nine – “Greedy, Careless, Devouring the life with full teeth. The explosion of a splendid fruit cocktail, with the irresistible aroma of the chocolate and the refreshing touch of the so smart green tea underlined by a voluptuous attar of carvi of Hungary for this fragrance which tastes like a magic moment of life fully crunched. Greedy pleasure.”
  • Paradis Paradis – the fragrance of obvious femininity, the full harmony of a bouquet of delicate flowers where the concrete of Iris of Italy dominates and opens out constrained.

How do you come up with the idea for a new fragrance?

Our fragrances are an artistic expression filled with emotion. I knew what I wanted for each fragrance but I also know how difficult it is to interpret what I want so I wrote a poem and drew a sketch for each fragrance which I passed onto Jacque Charbet who interpreted my vision with his master skills.

What was one of the first fragrances you ever bought?

Pour Un Homme de Caron from Parfums Caron.

What would you say is the most erotic raw material used in fragrance and why?

That would have to be oud. It is very mysterious and sensual.

Which of your six senses do you rely on the most?

Two actually, smell of course and hearing for my love of music.

What is next for Atelier-Flou?

We have three new fragrances in the pipeline, and one being launched in 2016.

Atelier-Flou is now available exclusively at Paris Gallery and will soon be launched in the rest of the GCC and MENA region.

Price:  AED975.