By The Beauty Hub  |  November 9th, 2015  |  Company News,News

Skin repair is a daily issue for many of us as it performs vital functions that are summed up by the expression “barrier function”. Indeed the skin shields the body as a barrier between the inside and the outside. It prevents the loss of essential constituents such as water, proteins and minerals. This is why it is so essential to promote the skin repair process, whenever possible.

The Cicalfate efficacy is a patented combination of active ingredients validated by experience and with an increasing potentiality of actions.

Sucralfate promotes the skin repair process by binding to cellular membrane proteins, it helps repair damaged tissue and protects it from external harm. Its repairing efficacy has been shown by numerous studies.

The Copper-Zinc compound limits the development of some micro organisms. Copper has a repairing activity and curbs the development of some micro organisms. Zinc has anti- irritation and repairing activity.

Avène Thermal Spring Water is renown for its soothing and anti-irritation properties. The Cicalfate Lotion includes absorbent silicates and zinc oxide that have a real efficacy on maceration areas. Alcohol free, it does not sting. It does not stain the skin nor clothing and offers a great precision and ease of application thanks to the nozzle and flexibility of its bottle.

Directions for use: cleanse the skin area then apply Cicalfate Lotion twice a day with a compress or directly onto the skin using the nozzle.

Cicalfate Cream with its rich formulation and the specific efficacy of its active ingredients, has a high covering, repairing and soothing power. Cicalfate Cream also offers an extreme skin comfort that boosts the skin repair process.

Directions for use: apply once or twice a day on the affected area that has been previously cleansed with Cicalfate Lotion.