By The Beauty Hub  |  November 15th, 2015  |  Company News,Editors Pick,News

Though women make up half the world’s population, they face challenges throughout their entire lives: lack of access to education and health services, inter-generational poverty, hindered personal development and a multitude of society discriminations.

And, though 2015 seems to be the breakout year for driving awareness on women’s issues, for inspiring and empowering them, much of these issues actually begin when women are only girls.

This is the time when self-expression begins to get difficult. Globally, 3 out of 4 girls say they want to be seen, but are afraid of being judged. This hinders their willingness to express themselves, which in turn affects their development. It is critical for girls to embrace their own identity, to be able to express themselves and find their own voices, in order to pursue their passions and dreams, and chart their own path in life and society.

And so, teen skincare brand Clean & Clear has stepped up in support for these girls with their campaign #seetherealme, which has now enrolled four bright young Arab women, whose personal stories of growth and transformation embody best the message of the campaign, and can be a source of inspiration and courage for other young Arab girls.

These courageous young women are: It Girl and fashion blogger Nadya Hassan (UAE), budding hip hop artist Lynn Fattouh a.k.a. Malikah (Lebanon), medicine student and accomplished pianist Nadia Dandachi (Saudi Arabia), and brilliant makeup Artist and ground breaking comedienne, Aya Mostafa (Egypt).

#Seetherealme is kicking off with a series of intro videos from these four exceptional girls: serious, brave and goofy – and most importantly, real – talking about their personal journey, their inner desire and drive to accomplish their dreams, the obstacles they had to face (and still face), and their ways of coping and ultimately thriving.

The campaign continues at www.seetherealmearabia.tumblr.com – the first teen site in the region, in Arabic language, with daily content in a variety of formats on topics of interest to teen girls – where the aim is to foster a supportive community for young women, so they interact, embolden and cheer each other on.

There’s also a competition running till the end of the month. In response to the #seetherealme ambassadors’ stories, all young Arab girls across the region are encouraged to upload their own story onto the site. One lucky winner will receive a one-day mentorship with an ambassador, and $3,000 USD to help them pursue their passion.

“See The Real Me is a movement that is bigger than a brand. It’s girls helping girls to see that though they may be unique—though they may want to do things differently—they are not alone,” said Brenna Deck, Assistant Brand Manager, Clean & Clear Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan. “And while these empowering messages and stories are thankfully becoming increasingly mainstream across the globe, our girls from our region are underrepresented in these conversations. Starting today, that is changing,” concluded Deck.