By The Beauty Hub  |  November 4th, 2015  |  Company News,Editors Pick,News

New Ideal White Eyes is a deep whitening illuminating concentrate that’s a must for any woman with a wish for a spot-free, flawless looking eye contour area.

Ideal White Eyes is an easily absorbed emulsion offering complete whitening action both at the surface of the eye contour, as well as deeper underneath. An innovative technology combines the instant illuminating agents with a powerful formula to transform and erase lingering problems like dark circles, shadows and puffiness. In a short time, the eye contour looks more even and radiant.

The exclusive technology contains DRM-White Complex, which works immediately on the surface with effective results while targeting melanin, the originator of spots in-depth. This whitening complex combines Eperuline, known for its anti-pigmentation and anti-inflammatory action, as well as Procysteine and Vitamin Cg to reduce dark circles and pigmentation disorders. Caffeine is added because of its decongestant properties to boost the microcirculation in the eye contour and diminish the eye bags. Finally, Vitamin B3 soothes and calms redness.

On the surface, the Illuminating nacres make the eye contour appear brighter and more luminous instantly: soft-focus agents diffuse light in every direction for a smooth, matte look, while illuminating agents optimize light reflection to reduce dark areas. The eye contour is more even, while the appearance of dark circles decreases and pigmentation spots start to lighten. These differences are apparent in as little as four weeks.

Ideal White Eyes concentrate is east to apply with it’s classic water-in-oil emulsion that contains Byron liquid and mother-of-pearl to create a constant light film on the skin’s surface. This adds smoothness and brightness, while the resulting non-sticky, non-greasy finish instantly hides any visible flaws. Fortifying Vichy Thermal Spa Water is a key ingredient for its soothing and hydrating benefits. This product is also well tolerated by sensitive skin, as it is paraben-free and hypoallergenic, and has been tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control.

With careful daily application every morning prior to use of either the emulsion or gel cream, the results speak for themselves. A refreshed, revived, healthy eye contour that’s flawlessly even, smooth and luminous everyday.

Vichy Ideal White Eyes Deep Whitening Illuminating Concentrate is available at select pharmacies in the UAE.

Price: AED225.