By The Beauty Hub  |  December 17th, 2015  |  Company News,Editors Pick,News

After eons of denial, Crescina is finally attacking the taboo topic of female hair loss with both glamour and science.

When we start losing it, we really start, uh, losing it – and we want it back. As far back as Ancient Egypt, people have sought ways to stimulate hair growth and hair loss. While the Egyptians employed a cocktail of iron oxide, red lead, onions, alabaster, animal fats and honey, today we have much simpler remedies.

A bathroom covered with loose strands or an ever-scrawnier ponytail can be startling. But don’t worry, there’s hope: Crescina® Complete Treatment, experts in hair re-growth treatments are making it possible to have a full head of luscious hair again.

A Swiss patent formula for stimulating the physiological re-growth of hair, Crescina® system is a product with FDA approval for hair growth, thinning hair and hair loss, which is sold only through selected pharmacies.

What is in it?

  • Cysteine and Lysine – fundamental components of keratin.
  • Glycoprotein – accelerates the metabolism of the bulb cells.
  • Stem-engine Complex – creates in the follicle a proper environment for stem cells that are responsible for new hair re-growth.

What are the benefits?

  • A topical cosmetic treatment that boosts natural hair growth.
  • Suitable for men & women.
  • Visible results within weeks.
  • Internationally recognised & endorsed treatment.
  • A clinically tested and proven product.

To understand the unique quality of Crescina Re-Growth, it is important to distinguish between the problem of hair loss and the problem of thinning of the scalp. Hair loss is an evolving phenomenon, represented by the detachment of hair from its seat, the hair follicle. People who suffer from hair loss make statements such as: “I find a lot of hairs on my comb or brush, on the pillow when I sleep, in the sink when I wash my hair etc.” Whereas, thinning is an actual condition caused by the lack of hair re-growth after it has fallen out (even if not observable) that manifests itself in lower hair density in specific areas of the scalp defined as “thinned areas”.

Crescina Re-Growth is recommended in cases of thinning due to physiological not pathological causes. Does not act on completely atrophied follicles.

Crescina is available from leading pharmacies across the UAE, including Bin Sina.

Price:  From AED790.

For more information please visit Labosuisse.