By The Beauty Hub  |  December 1st, 2015  |  Company News,News

Adidas body care introduces its new anti-perspirant, climacool, offering superior performance in motion technology.

Anti-perspirant deodorants and climacool apparel have the same core benefits of keeping you fresh and dry. In order to bring even more performance to its anti-perspirant line, adidas has adapted the freshness benefit of climacool apparel in its brand new climacool anti-perspirant.

As you never know how intense your day will be climacool has got you covered no matter what thanks to its active formula that’s designed to match your intensity at the gym or during a stressful work day. Climacool high-strength technology contains fresh capsules activated by movement. As your day becomes more intense, friction and humidity cause these capsules in the spray to burst giving you a new boost of freshness to keep you going. The instant refreshing charge of fragrance is generated by the contrast between the free oils in the formula and the citrus fragrance released by the capsules when they burst.

This initial burst of freshness is just the beginning because the harder you go the better it works! As your effort intensifies, climacool anti-perspirants give you more and more freshness thanks to capsules that burst continuously as you push your limits.

Climacool anti-perspirant adds the power of climacool® to the already best-in-class protection of the adidas anti-perspirant formulas. This original formula offers 48 hour wetness and odour control thanks to the dual, blocking and absorbing actions of the anti-perspirant actives.

The modern packaging is designed to convey the benefits of the climacool formula. For the first time adidas takes a step back from its iconic all black pack and displays all silver colour code throughout the male variant bringing a fresh and contemporary touch. The female anti-perspirant complements its male counterpart in white to communicate a feeling of clean and care. Bright blue wave graphics are present on both packs and across all communication visuals and represent the capsule technology in action for all day freshness.

Adidas-Climacool Anti Perspirant 150ml Male-product shot-12.5AED

Climacool anti-perspirant from adidas is available at supermarkets in the UAE.


  • Climacool 150ml Deodorant for male and female – AED12.50.
  • Climacool Roll On for male and female – AED 9.75.