By The Beauty Hub  |  December 15th, 2015  |  Beauty Articles,News

Ageing is an unavoidable process and, after the mid-thirties, most women struggle to maintain bright and tight skin. The Middle Eastern sun, sand, dust and dry air makes this process even harder on those who live in the region.

All of us wish for wrinkle-free faces that glow, so Kaya Skin Clinic has announced the launch of a revolutionary enhancement technique that uses micro-threads for lifting.

An immediate lifting effect is achieved with this procedure and the full impact becoming visible in 2 months. It stimulates long-term skin rejuvenation and gifts vitality, elasticity and a luminous glow whilst being extremely safe. The innovative technique is practically painless but can also be done with local anaesthesia. Another beauty of this treatment is that there is little recovery time. Clients can go straight back to their daily routine almost immediately.

The Kaya non-surgical Lift uses micro-threads made of Polidioxanone, absorbable sterile medical grade suture threads. Hence the chances to produce side-effects, allergic reactions or rejection are minimal. The threads are completely absorbed by the body in six to eight months. The implanting takes place in the hypodermis – hence the immediate lifting effect.

Some of the benefits include: the lifting of cheeks, defining of the jaw line, narrowing of the nose, smoothening of neck lines and raising the eyebrows. “Whilst ageing is the most natural process and effects everyone; eventually a smooth, youthful face is the number one beauty wish of a women over 35,” according to Kaya Skin Clinic Dermatologist, Dr. Muzna Al Taie. “Once it begins in earnest, ageing is an irreversible process. Wrinkles begin gradually, as does sagging, thinning and the skin’s texture becomes coarser. This is why we are constantly innovating to find solutions – and give our loyal clients the latest and most effective beauty treatments. This technique is wonderful because it uses threads to lift the skin and painlessly and precisely fights sagging skin,” he commented.

This stimulates and accelerates micro circulation in the area being treated, causing the regeneration of cells. There is also an increase in collagen synthesis from between six to eight months after the procedure. This is the amount of time it takes for the threads to be seamlessly absorbed into the dermis. The circulation activation increases the oxygenation of the skin and these results in increased brightness and a natural glow. The Kaya Non-surgical Lift with micro-threads is effective immediately, is a welcome alternative to the more traditional invasive options.

“Tackling fine lines and wrinkles can be done with facial injections; however, for people who need lifting, there really haven’t been many options, until now in the non-invasive space. This is an innovation that doesn’t just smooth lines, but also firms up the skin; it is truly a breakthrough”.