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Stenders new Wild Rose Skin Care collection is infused with rose flower extract obtained from the rose buds effectively caring for sensitive and mature skin. Rose flower extract possesses skin moisturising and soothing properties, which deeply softens, leaving the skin feeling smooth and supple.

The new range comes complete with a micellar water tonic, makeup remover, hydrating cleanser and toner water, a day and night face cream and an eye cream.

Micellar Water – AED125

A miracle water that feels like the soft, smooth caress of wild rose buds all in a multi-action toner. The micellar water cleanses from deep within to remove makeup and harsh impurities, and its wild rose flower and root extracts help tone and calm the skin for a soft feeling.

Makeup Remover – AED129

Soothe, hydrate and cleanse the skin with the power of wild rose and chamomile that removes waterproof makeup with zero rubbing or smudging, leaving the skin makeup free.

Moisturising Toner – AED95

Rejuvenate the skin with this delicate toner that clarifies the complexion and balances the pH levels of the skin for a refreshed, soft and healthy glow. Use after a face wash to hydrate with a small amount of toner on a cotton wad to create a barrier of delicate hydration against the dry heat.

Hydrating Facial Gel – AED139

A surprising light formulation that intensely adds moisture to the skin, leaving it smooth, soft and flushed with a radiant grow. Ideal for all skin types,  apply the cream twice daily to see an improvement in suppleness over time.

Day Cream – AED159

Stenders’ Wild Rose Day Cream with sun protection factor 15 creates a silky soft texture that gets quickly absorbed into the skin. The day cream provides an instant face-lift to the visage with shea butter and hydrolyzed collage for a youthful appeal.

Regeneration Night Cream – AED150

Regenerate skin cells, refresh the face and revitalize after a tough day with shea butter and macadamia seed oil infused with hydrolyzed collagen, this Wild Rose night cream will replenish the vitality of skin as the night passes.

Moisturising Eye Cream – AED139

Packed with a host of smoothening nutrients that easily absorb into the skin and revitalize from within, this moisturising eye cream with essential oils such macadamia seed oil helps reduce the appearance of dark circles as well as fine lines.

Gentle Facial Exfoliator – AED129

A weekly facial cleanse with a nourishing exfoliator is the key to dewy skin. The Gentle exfoliator removes dead skin cells and the impurities that cloud away ones natural beauty with a mild scrubbing agent for skin that glows like a soft wild rose.

The Wild Rose Skin Care Collection is available at Stender Stores across the UAE.

Wild Rose Skin Care Collection