By The Beauty Hub  |  January 17th, 2016  |  Editors Pick,International Beauty News,News

From the heart of the Exclusives by Guerlain creative laboratory comes an unconventional encounter between an American street artist and the French perfume house, resulting in exceptional one-off pieces that are daring and wildly arty.

At Guerlain, 2016 will kick off with intensity in an exhibition by JonOne, who will turn the boutique at number 68 upside down with an explosion of colours! His paintings, many in large format, will enthral visitors with their beauty and the harmony of their colours. They also express the movement in his technique, executed with speed, power, strength and skill by a rocking JonOne!

In 1928, Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain founded the perfume house that bears his name. In 1853, as a special commission to mark the marriage of Eugénie de Montijo and Napoleon III, Pierre- François-Pascal created the Eau de Cologne Impériale and the Bee Bottle containing it. Empress Eugénie was enchanted, and the other European courts followed suit. This particular creation even earned Maison Guerlain the title of Official Purveyor to the Imperial Court. Thus, the bottle adorned with 69 bees took its place in history.

But back to the story of its invention… It was the column of the Place Vendôme that inspired Pierre- François-Pascal Guerlain to design the Bee Bottle. The festoon motifs that ornament the bottle are similar to those visible on the top of the column, which Pierre-François-Pascal could see from his office on rue de la Paix.

This iconic Bee Bottle lends itself to all sorts of customisations. Upon the occasion of its 160th anniversary in 2013, nine “Maîtres d’art” paid homage to it. Today, this one-litre monument of a bottle offers itself, like the immaculate urban territory of a virgin wall, to an explosion of colours by the famous street artist JonOne.

Graffiti artist John Andrew Perello, dubbed JonOne by his peers, was born in New York in 1963 to Dominican parents. He began making graffiti in the effervescent Harlem scene of the eighties.


In 1987, he arrived in Paris at the invitation of his friend Bando, a fellow member of the collective 156 Allstarz. Paris thus became his favourite playground; there, he would create his first works with BBC, an art collective that had taken over the wastelands of La Chapelle. Everything that encapsulates the spirit of street creativity came together there: the site, resembling New York’s elevated subway tracks; the music, with the early days of rap; the state of mind, with the first French block parties; and the development of street artist collectives, with their powerful statements. The artist would never leave this city, where his art would evolve like a giant puzzle under the open sky.

In 2014, he adorned the National Assembly with his canvas “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité”, through which he presented his vision of an ultra contemporary and colourful Marianne in the form of “Liberty guiding the people”. In 2015, the path of this Parisian by adoption has crossed that of the Maison Guerlain. Out of this improbable encounter, an outlandish project has been born.

In this collaboration, the Maison Guerlain has offered JonOne its one-litre Bee Bottle as a canvas for expression.

The result: 3 emblematic fragrances, 3 worlds of colour that directly evoke the emotion, the raw materials and the personality of each composition. Drawing from the richness of his practice and his personal history, JonOne has invented his own vocabulary of colours that expresses Shalimar (blue tones), La Petite Robe Noire (pink tones) and Rose Barbare (orange tones). As if by osmosis, the contents become the container and the intangible takes form. Created in the artist’s atelier in Paris, each bottle is unique, a veritable marvel of abstraction and energy created individually and signed by JonOne.

The bottles, inscribed with the Guerlain name, are still adorned by the dames de table with a satin ribbon around the neck – in the pure tradition of the Maison Guerlain – before being slipped into a collector’s case signed by the artist.