By The Beauty Hub  |  February 25th, 2016  |  International Beauty News,News

Pro Fiber is L’Oréal’s new must-have solution for women with damaged hair. Dull, dry hair with split ends, are common signs of distress. Hairdressers recognize these as deriving from the one and only source of all hair problems: gradual and inevitable fibre damage.

Only a hairdresser can diagnose the extent of hair damage, then offer personalized treatments based on the Pro Fiber protocol. This includes selected products designed for individual needs. Pro Fiber represents a revolutionary new standard in professional hair science to stop and reverse deterioration.

As the new generation of long-lasting hair care, Pro Fiber’s formulas combine unique active ingredients to penetrate hair, locking in repairing actives for visibly lasting results. After treatment, the fibre is renewed from root to tip, to look and feel as though it was always perfect, and hair tips appear freshly cut. Pro Fiber’s sophisticated hair care technology lies in the APTYL 100 molecular complex, an important scientific breakthrough that locks in molecules within the hair fibre. This leads to long-lasting results never achieved before in the world of reparative hair care.

By combining Aminosilane, a silicium compound known for its rebuilding capabilities, with cationic polymers, which act as a protective sheath, APTYL 100 becomes a super-performer with a long-lasting and effective action on damaged hair. In fact, APTYL 100 is the only regenerating molecular complex that has the ability to fix itself so definitively for hair renewal that lasts for longer.

Pro Fiber is available exclusively at L’Oréal Professionnel salons. This is where the tailor-made Regenerate treatment must begin, with Long-lasting Care Activator in order to initiate APTYL 100, the effects of which can then be continued at home with six Re-Charge monodoses. In-salon treatments for six-week repair are customized to meet three different levels of hair damage to begin the process of instant regeneration – Rectify, Restore and Reconstruct. All levels of cuticle and cortex damage are addressed with immediate results. The salon protocol starts with diagnosis, and continues with the use of a dedicated shampoo, concentrate, and a transversal activator. The Re-charge Anti-Damage Extension treatment can then be continued at home with a complete range of home hair care to carry on the action of long-lasting repair. This prolongs the salon results for a further 6 weeks.

Rectify is specially designed for Stage 1 hair damage, targeted at hair fibre resurfacing. It is a long-lasting treatment that includes Resurfacing Shampoo, and a Mask to bring relief to hair damaged by frequent heat or brushing, leaving it soft, shiny and bouncy. The Restore range, designed for Stage 2 hair damage, consists of Repairing Shampoo, and a Mask. It leaves hair that’s been subject to frequent styling, straightening or coloring much smoother, shinier and more supple for easier detangling. Finally, the Reconstruct range of Restructuring Shampoo and a Mask is for Stage 3 hair damage, restoring dry and very damaged hair that has been destroyed by multiple and aggressive processes to a noticeably nourished, silky and soft state.

Pro Fiber is exclusively available at L’Oreal Professionnel salons in the UAE.


  • Pro Fiber Rectify Resurfacing Shampoo – AED100.
  • Pro Fiber Rectify Resurfacing Mask – AED130.
  • Pro Fiber Restore Repairing Shampoo – AED100.
  • Pro Fiber Restore Repairing Mask – AED130.
  • Pro Fiber Reconstruct Restructuring Shampoo – AED100.
  • Pro Fiber Reconstruct Restructuring Mask – AED130.
  • Pro Fiber Recharge – AED284.