By The Beauty Hub  |  March 3rd, 2016  |  Brands

Capturing the freedom of adventure and the strength of exploration Davidhoff Horizon is a unique signature created by master perfumers Olivier Pescheux and Jacques Huclier.

Strong, accomplished, his attitude to life is to make it an adventure. To see new sights, feel new sensations, to live life more intensely. The Davidhoff Horizon man is an elegant explorer of modern times, he’s effortlessly handsome with tousled hair, soft cotton shirt, well-worn boots. Nothing is going to stop him. Deeply contented, at ease with himself and his world, he pervades a deep sense of still energy and inner strength. Free spirit, alive to new sensations, he likes things to be balanced and clear, just like his fragrance.

Balancing the duality between earth and sky the Davidhoff Horizon fragrance for men starts off with airy top notes of energizing grapefruit, rosemary and ginger that give a vibrant dimension of ascension and discovery. In contrast the middle and base bring strong, down-to-earth vetiver and patchouli softly wrapped in rich cocoa absolut to inject texture, warmth and sensuality.

Sturdy, masculine, sober and elegant the Davidhoff Horizon bottle takes its inspiration from shapes in nature, stones eroded and polished by the sands of time. Strong, direct and without artifice, it emanates an intensely firm, powerfully masculine presence, one that is beautifully balanced by serene curves in clear glass to reveal the warm amber color of the fragrance. Described by bottle designer Alnoor as ‘an object one wants to take in one’s hand’, the distinctive metal cap is also highly functional and features mini-mechanics that protect the spray from being pushed on the move.

Davidhoff Horizon is available at perfumeries and department stores in the UAE.


  • 75ml – AED270.
  • 125mml – AED360.

Davidoff - Horizon - 125ML - UAE 360