By The Beauty Hub  |  March 9th, 2016  |  Company News,News

Kérastase’s Fusio Dose is pushing the very limits of what is possible in terms of hair care customization, with more efficient, more personalized, more ergonomic formulas that take the blending process through better stages.

The new Fusio Dose range consists of four concentrates and five boosters in perfectly adjusted dosages, with high performing active ingredients selected in their most pure and concentrated state for their fast action on the hair fibre. The first concentrate takes care of your primary hair concerns. Concentré Oléo-Fusion blends natural jojoba and avocado oils for instant nutrition and softness; Concentré Pixelist contains micro-luminescent active ingredients to add radiance; Concentré Vita-Ciment contains ceramide to repair and transform, while Concentré Densifique is enriched with Pro-Calcium to instantly make the hair stronger and more supple.

The Fusio Dose is then mixed with a booster that treats your secondary hair concern. Booster Brilliance with zinc gluconate and Vitamin E derivatives adds incredible radiance; Booster Densité with Cation Polymer adds immense body to hair; Booster Reconstruction with anti-damage complex and ceramide plumps and strengthens hair; Booster Nutrition with Royal Iris nourishes hair to leave it soft and dazzling while Booster Discipline contains Morpho-Keratine to make the hair fibre manageable, leaving hair silky and full of movement.

After analyzing the hair through a professional hair diagnostic, the stylist can combine the four concentrates and five boosters in an array of options to create a Fusio Dose ritual designed for a woman’s specific needs. These deliver the best possible blend of pure active ingredients in the highest concentration to instantly and spectacularly transform the hair. The accompanying personalized, in-salon ritual is both luxurious and sensorial. For each care application, Fusio Dose allows 20 tailor-made combinations that can be easily added to any Kérastase salon service such as hair colouring, cutting or styling. The concentrates and boosters come together to form the core of a whole new system that beats at the heart of the best salons, while transforming hair into the best, most beautiful it can be.

Available at Kérastase salons in the UAE.


  • Fusio Dose 5 minute in salon – instant treatment – AED160+.
  • Fusio Dose 20 minute in salon – in depth treatment with massage AED280+.