By Salon Supply Direct  |  March 6th, 2016  |  Beauty Articles,Beauty Tips,Blog,Editors Pick,Home Editor,News

Over the past ten years, traditional job interview rules have been rapidly updated. Whether you are entering the employment market for the first time or seeking a new opportunity, you may need some guidance on gaining that edge. What to wear is one of the first concerns that comes to mind for interview prep. For women, all of the available options can seem overwhelming. How should you wear your hair? Are your heels too high? Researching current trends will help prepare you to land that offer.

Standard interview dress is becoming increasingly casual. Denim may not be appropriate for every situation, but in the right industry, it can help you be seen as part of the group. Some guidelines still apply, such as avoiding loud colours and patterns. Tattoos, piercings, and unnaturally coloured hair may be viewed differently by each company.

Employee wellness is gaining visibility. Studies show that comfortable and happy workers are more productive. Diversity is now valued more than conformity, which is reflected in more relaxed dress codes. This can lead to some confusion about what is appropriate office wear. Most of these rules are unwritten, with mistakes leading to instant disqualification from job consideration. Expressing the best parts of your personality is necessary through style, attitude, and communication.

Salon Supply Direct has developed this infographic to help you be your best professional self. Learn about the best interview hairstyles for women, how to shop for ethical fashion, and industry differences. Giving your look a modern update will show that your current knowledge is a perfect fit for the employer of your dreams.