By The Beauty Hub  |  April 12th, 2016  |  Company News,News

The Super Restorative daily skin care products from Clarins are designed to replenish and restore comfort and a harmonious look to the faces of women aged 50+.

Today, Clarins offers them two new skin care products dedicated to two specific areas particularly exposed to external aggressions, which are often neglected in women’s daily skin care routine and in many cases are the first to give away their age: the décolleté-neck area and the hands.

The skin is very delicate in these areas – twice as fine as on the face and lacking in sebaceous glands and natural ageing, the stopping of hormonal activity, lack of protection and sometimes skin care, all cause wrinkles, slackening and pigmentation marks to appear, even more so than on the face.

Two key ingredients lie at the heart of the formula of Décolleté and Neck Concentrate and Hand Cream: organic harungana and Montpellier rock-rose extracts. Two plants that represent renewal and whose extracts with replenishing and skin-unifying properties, perfectly tailored to the concerns of women aged 50 plus.

Studies carried out on organic harungana extract have revealed its capacity to act on two essential factors in skin density whose activity slows down during menopause: fibroblast and collagen fibre synthesis.

  • Organic harungana extract helps the fibroblast recover its original shape, which is modified by hormonal deficiencies, and therefore helps to reactivate its metabolic functions.
  • Organic harungana extract also increases collagen I fibre synthesis, the main collagen in the dermis.

By returning to its initial shape, the fibroblast helps to stimulate the production of collagen and ground substance, thereby helping reinforce the skin structures of the décolleté, neck and hands: skin becomes denser and more toned, wrinkles are minimized, and skin slackening slows down. The skin is gradually strengthened and regains the plump look of younger skin.

Studies carried out on organic Montpellier rock-rose extract have demonstrated its ability to act on two elements linked to the appearance of age spots: the dermo-epidermal junction or DEJ, a fine undulating structure separating the dermis from the epidermis, and the melanocytes.

Under the effect of ageing, the undulations in the DEJ become distended, causing melanocytes to accumulate in the hollows of these distensions.

  • Organic Montpellier rock-rose extract helps restore the tension in the undulations in the DEJ.
  • Organic Montpellier rock-rose extract also slows down melanocyte proliferation.

Some men say that “hands are one of women’s most seductive assets…”. However, they are a part of the body where the extremely fine, highly exposed skin is often under attack and likely to inevitably give away your age. In addition to its age spot correcting and anti-ageing key ingredients that promote younger-looking hands, Clarins Hand Cream also contains plant extracts with effective benefits for enhanced comfort and more beautiful nails. With ultra-fast absorption, silky smooth, non-sticky and non-oily, it leaves behind an imperceptible velvety film and a subtle fruity fragrance. At the age of 50, hands that look beautiful and feel soft still have their seductive appeal.