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Eyebrow and eyelash transplants are breakthrough techniques in hair restoration. These treatments are recommended for individuals who are suffering from partial or total loss or thinning of eyebrows or eyelashes due to alopecia, injuries, burns, over-plucking the brows or misuse of eyelash extensions. Ideal candidates also include those who want to improve the thickness of the eyebrows and the fullness and length of the eyelashes.

Known for its range of medical and aesthetic treatments, The American Surgecenter (ASC) in Abu Dhabi has recently added these new procedures to its growing list of services and their popularity among clients has been increasing. ASC Plastic Surgeon Dr. Nic Isse, who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, explained that both eyebrow and eyelash transplants are done not only for aesthetic enhancements but for re-constructive treatment as well.

Dr. Nic added that the procedures employ state-of-the-art transplantation techniques and deliver a truly natural look. “Both are micro-surgical transplant procedures that involves obtaining follicular units from the back or lateral side of the scalp and transplanting them into the brow area or in small incisions in the eyelids. These are done under local anaesthesia, with or without sedation, and could take between two to four hours depending on the amount of hair to be transplanted. They are your own natural hair – growing hair follicles from your head – so you can be assured of a natural look post the procedure,” he said.

Eyebrow transplants are an artistic procedure so it requires a highly-qualified surgeon to do the job. Dr. Nic said that the surgeon should be experienced enough to be able to determine the arch shape, the correct thickness of hair, the brow length and other relevant aesthetic considerations to ensure a successful transplant. He also recommends combining the transplant procedure with a complementary treatment, if necessary, for best results.

“Single or multiple follicular hair transplants can be done on it’s own or in conjunction with an eyebrow tattoo. For partial hair loss in the brows area, the follicular unit hair transplant could be the best approach. On the other hand, a combination of procedures could be best if the patient is suffering from total brow loss,” Dr. Nic said.

Although the procedure is not painful, the patient may experience minimal tenderness and some small crust formation on the areas of scalp where the hair graft was taken for about five days. Post the operation, the patient will be limited to one or two days of light activities, normal walking and no exercise is permitted. Patient should also avoid rubbing the treated area for four to five days, and it has to be washed carefully. Post-operative antibiotics will also be prescribed.

As for the final results, Dr. Nic said, “Most of the transplanted hair will stay, while some will fall off, however this will allow the hair bulb to form new hair again within a few months. As they are living hair follicles, once they grow, they would require regular maintenance and trimming.”

While it is a delicate procedure, eyelash transplants are a safe and pain-free treatment that delivers a positive difference to a patient’s confidence.

“A lot of people, in particular women, feel less confident with their thin eyelashes. They mostly had to contend with this issue by using false eyelashes, heavy mascara and even growth serums. While these could help, although temporary, only an eyelash transplant can deliver the best and long-term solution. And especially for those suffering from partial or complete eyelash loss due to trauma, infection or illness, this procedure can permanently replace the eyelashes they have lost,” Dr. Nic commented.

Much like the healing process for the eyebrows restoration procedure, recovery period for the eyelash transplant is approximately five days and requires general post-operative care. Dr. Nic also mentioned that the patient will experience minimal temporary “blood crusting” on the donor area (scalp), as well as the recipient side (eyelid).

“The eyelash transplant will grow at the rate of the normal hair and natural results will be visible a few weeks or so post the procedure. They are permanent and growing hairs so after the healing process is complete, normal grooming of the hair is required and enhancements like mascara, curls, etc. can be done,” Dr. Nic concluded.

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