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Juice Delight Easy is a detox cleanse that is simple and easy to do.  It means being able to order just one day in advance, receiving everything in one delivery, drinking from just one juice menu with one best-before date for all bottles. What is more, the shelf life can be up to two weeks thanks to gentle High Pressure Processing that leaves the beneficial vitamins and enzymes in the juice.

Like all products from the Detox Delight family, the juices in the new Juice Delight Easy cleanse programme are 100% raw, cold-pressed, natural and entirely free of additives, flavour enhancers and added sugar. They are rich in plant-based nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants from 100% certified organic ingredients.

Juice Delight Easy juices are never heated, pasteurized or conserved, yet they can be stored for longer periods of time with Gentle High Pressure Processing, which preserves the beneficial vitamins, minerals and enzymes they contain. Depending on their specific composition (acid-base balance and fructose content), the juices are very briefly subject to pressure of up to 6,000 bars during High Pressure Pascalization (HPP). Pascalization neutralizes unwanted micro-organisms that cause the juice to spoil without harming the many beneficial ingredients such as sensitive vitamins and enzymes.

The result: maximum nutrient concentration with a shelf life of up to 14 days. This also permits much more flexible detox planning. Once the juice has been delivered, it can be stored longer in the refrigerator, ready for use at any time. What’s more, you can start your cleanse whenever it works best for you. You can delay the start of your Juice Delight Easy cleanse several days without worrying about loss of juice quality or impaired detox results.

So meet the new cold-pressed juices in your refrigerator: Kick-Starter, Roots on Fire, Heartbeet, Liquid Salad, Shineapple and Going CocoNuts.

The Juice Delight Easy cleanse programme delivers a tasty new adventure every two hours over the course of the day with six exquisite juice compositions. No matter if tropical and fruity with pineapple, coconut water and lemon grass or refreshingly tart with apple, spinach, fennel and wheat grass – every 500ml bottle contains up to two kilos of the best plant-based organic ingredients available. That way you consume the nutrients from up to ten kilos of fruit and vegetables each day, far more than you could possibly consume in the form of solid food.

Your body is literally flooded with beneficial vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and living enzymes, considered the ideal nutrients for our cells. Each juice contains a 40-50% share of vegetables, meaning the fructose content is significantly lower than in conventional fruit juices or smoothies. That keeps blood sugar level constant for longer, thereby improving metabolic processes such as burning of fat.

To ensure a daily dose of high-quality plant-based proteins and lipids, every Juice Delight Easy day is rounded off with one bottle of Going Nuts, a delicate composition of almonds, vanilla and cinnamon – for a sweet evening meal so good that it may just be addictive.

All six Juice Delight Easy drinks are naturally organic, raw, vegan, gluten-free and cold-pressed. Simply 100% raw, natural and untreated juice.

No matter whether you select a three or five day programme, all Juice Delight Easy cleanse bottles arrive at your home or office in a single delivery. That means lower delivery costs as well as less effort required to ensure someone is available to take the delivery. The only thing you need is space in your refrigerator.

Daily Juice Delight Easy taste sensations – morning to evening.

  • Kick-Starter – water, grapefruit, apple, maple syrup, lemon, chili.
  • Roots on Fire – carrot, orange, pink grapefruit, turmeric, red chili.
  • Heartbeet – apple, carrot, red beet, pear, ginger, lemon, lime.
  • Liquid Salad – apple, orange, fennel, cucumber, spinach, wheat grass.
  • Shineapple – pineapple, celery, cucumber, coconut water, lemon, lemon grass.
  • Going CocoNuts – water, almond, cinnamon, vanilla, sea salt, coconut.

Juice Delight Easy is available to order from April 2016. For more information or to order your detox programme today visit Detox Delight.


  • One day cleanse – AED250.
  • Three day cleanse – AED690.
  • Five day cleanse – AED990.