By The Beauty Hub  |  June 29th, 2016  |  Company News,News

Whether it’s a bath or shower, hot or cold, whatever the season, temperature or approach, taking a bath is an intimate moment and the bathroom is the new temple of self care.

With Les Délices de Bain – a range that heralds a programme of well-being, a promise of pleasure, softness and sensual delight – Guerlain reconciles the art of the beautiful with the art of bathing.

Les Délices de Bain evoke the cheerful, joyful recollection of our most beautiful memories. The Guerlain perfumer borrows a note of bergamot from his iconic creations and blends it with deliciously fresh citrus accords in an exhilarating composition mellowed by orange blossom and almond. A jubilant fragrance that provides an extremely intense feeling of well-being.

With Les Délices de Bain, the utmost attention has been paid to the accords. The products in this range have been designed to blend perfectly with all of Guerlain’s creations like a subtle play of mix & match. Spray your favourite fragrance after using Les Délices de Bain. Your trail of scent will be amplified and deepened for a captivating effect guaranteed!

The products in the Les Délices de Bain range include:

  • The Perfumed Deodorant offers an instant sense of well-being. It provides a feeling of all- day comfort and surrounds you in a scented mist.
  • The Perfumed Body Lotion reveals a fluid, velvety texture that infuses the epidermis with comforting moisture. It leaves skin soft, supple and subtly scented.
  • The Perfumed Shower Gel transforms into a luscious foam on contact with water. It leaves skin toned, soft and subtly scented.

Inspired by the Bee Bottle, the Les Délices de Bain bottles rest in your bathroom like an invitation to tenderness. With their ultra-modern rounded curves and crystalline translucency, the Perfumed Body Lotion and Perfumed Shower Gel bottles promise joyful moments of relaxation. Everyday emblems that make a beautiful addition to your bathroom.