By The Beauty Hub  |  July 26th, 2016  |  Company News,News

The sun has been the inspiration for this new collection of three ephemeral fragrances for men, “Azzaro Solarissimo”, each celebrating a Mediterranean island and evoking a key moment of the day; they will be revealed in three stages.

The first stopover of this idyllic journey, the first edition revealed: Levanzo – derived from the Italian word “rise” -, an ode to nature warmed by the first rays of the sun. The embodiment of colours, scents and live emotions emerging from the very first glimmers of daytime: dawn.

Levanzo is an island in the Aegadians, a small archipelago West of Sicily, and composed of three main islands: Levanzo, Marettimo and Favignana, these three heavenly lands are the inspiration behind the Azzaro Solarissimo collection.

Azzaro Solarissimo collection

An aromatic citrus-woody fragrance for men, Levanzo is an ode to nature coming to life at sunrise; it captures the light, energy and natural elegance of a Mediterranean island.

  • A dynamic and sunny temperament: the tangy freshness of the Italian lemon essence, paired with the sensation of escapism offered by the passion fruit.
  • A natural green freshness: the very Mediterranean aromatic effect of the basil leaf essence and the floral and herbaceous softness of lavender essence.
  • A warm and authentic woody elegance: the devastating charisma of cedar and patchouli essences.

“It is impossible to talk about my perfumes without looking back at my childhood. I was obsessed with the Mediterranean. All my senses were saturated by the sun, sand and blue sky. I always tried to fill my perfumes with scents, flavours and colours from my Mediterranean.”

A shiver of freshness flows through the streamlined Levanzo bottle in bright, cheerful green tones, illuminated by a soft light. Its cap, made of natural wood, (derived from sustainable managed forests) evokes the strength and warmth of this noble material, which also signs the fragrant trail. Its box, made of recycled cardboard, pays tribute to nature by preserving it.