By The Beauty Hub  |  July 5th, 2016  |  Brands,News

Make a splash in the crystalline turquoise waters of viva Antigua, the inspiration for essie’s Summer 2016 Collection!

Summertime is the moment to get inspired by adventurous colour, defy convention and strike out on a style itinerary all your own.

For thrilling sights in an array of shades, Antigua is the place to be. From St. John’s to English Harbour, the glittering waters, spectacular rain-forests and beautiful colours of the island draw the discerning traveller to their sun-soaked shores.

A sleepy little country at first glance, Antigua is a bracing wake-up for all the senses and ripe for exploring. You’ll want to slip into your hiking heels and loot the booty of a coconut cove. Colourful towns, gorgeous craft markets, tribal text-styles, brilliant food and hotels – this Caribbean gem is the perfect place to wander. Don’t worry about sticking to a guidebook, just live in the beautiful moment and go where the spirit leads you.

No matter where you go, there’s an essie Summer 2016 Collection shade to reflect your fashion ambitions.

  • Coconut cove – get lost in the perpetual cool of this sweet cream white and discover shade paradise.
  • Berried treasures – dig this: The untold riches of this bright ruby berry are legendary – and they’re all mine!
  • Hiking heels – hit the ground running and climb the heights of fashion in this scorching hot lava red.
  • Viva antigua! – march to the beat of your own drum in this sparkling turquoise with iridescent micro crystals.
  • Loot the booty – ahoy, matey. This radiant blue sapphire pavé is yours for the taking. X marks the spot.
  • Tribal text-styles – think global. Dress local. Add a touch of boho to your look with this beautiful black gold and crushed onyx.

Summer 2016 Essie