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The latest generation of Shaping Facial Lift, enriched with the revolutionary “Total V Contouring Power” combining 3 powerful plant extracts, helps to slim, visibly de-puff and lift facial contours, taking the Asian face one step closer to a perfect V.

Fine, comfortable and feather-light, the texture of Shaping Facial Lift brings an immediate feeling of well-being. Its unique, fresh feel instantly enhances the “lift” effect. It tightens skin texture and leaves skin incredibly soft and silky-smooth.

The Total V Contouring Power of Shaping Facial Lift combines three plant extracts with proven actions:

  • Guarana extract helps to slim.
  • Zerumbet ginger extract helps to de-puff.
  • Kaki extract helps to lift.

Thanks to its simplicity and effectiveness, the application method specially developed by Clarins has won over all users of Shaping Facial Lift since its launch. In less than 2 minutes it provides effective draining benefits to immediately lighten and reshape the face for visible results.

  • Forehead – place your forehead in your palms,gently massage to smooth the appearance of lines.
  • Eyes – place the heel of your palms completely over the eyes to smooth puffiness and minimise dark circles.
  • Cheeks – move your hands to the cheeks on either side of your nose. This helps release excess fluid and reduce puffiness.
  • Chin and jawline – rest the chin in your palms with wrists touching.
  • Base of neck and ears – apply pressure with the full weight of the head to help enhance drainage and refine facial contours.

V-Facial Intensive Wrap de-puffs, relieves and brightens. The exclusive combination of extracts of beautyberry, zerumbet ginger and escin from horse chestnut with draining properties, associated with an exclusive draining method, helps to visibly reduce puffiness. Feelings of heaviness are reduced. Facial contours are refined and the face visibly regains an ideal V contour.

A unique dense, fresh texture enriched with lady’s mantle extract delivers an instant radiance boost. The skin regains its fairness and glows with health. White clay absorbs impurities at the skin surface and mattifies the complexion. Skin texture is refined and smoothed.

Concentrated in plant extracts, with a thick, soft, dense and heavy texture like a very high quality spa towel, it is an effective solution to absorb excess water. A truly professional skin care which is easy to remove without rubbing the skin, since this can lead to sagging and affect the V-face shape.

Apply the wrap in a thick layer on the lower part of the face and neck, on clean, dry skin. Avoid the eye contour. Leave for 10 minutes. During the last few minutes, carry out the steps in Clarins Manual Auto-Lifting Method based on the power of the hands, to avoid rubbing the skin and stretching facial contours:

  • Place the left elbow in the palm of the right hand and place the chin in the palm of the hand.
  • Gently move the head to the left. Completely relax the weight of the head in the hand for a few seconds. Repeat four times then carry out the same steps on the right side of the face. Rinse with cold water.

New Enhancing Eye Lift Serum is a 3rd generation plant-powered formula specially dedicated to Asian women to genuinely and visibly open up their eyes. Eyes become bigger, but also brighter and bolder.

To brighten the eye contour area, this exceptional formula is enriched with escin from horse chestnut and lady’s mantle extract. Escin from horse chestnut targets micro-circulation to limit the leakage of blood pigments into skin tissues. Lady’s mantle extract limits the transfer of melanin pigments from melanocytes to keratinocytes to help limit skin darkening.

Guarana extract stimulates fat breakdown to help reduce visibly eye puffiness. Zerumbet ginger extract encourages micro-circulation and prevents excessive fluid infiltration to help visibly reduce puffiness on the eye contour. Kaki extract protects collagen fibres from glycation to help preserve skin firmness and lift the upper eyelids, with long-term results. Organic oat polyoses form a tightening film to instantly lift the eyelids.

Shaping Facial Lift Range