By The Beauty Hub  |  August 28th, 2016  |  Brands,News

Ready-to-wear eyeshadow shades on the eyelids, a flawless sweep of eyeliner along the lashes, a flattering colour on the lips, the products from the Autumn 2016 Collection are the perfect allies for quick, easy and spontaneous make-up.

An entire palette to match every mood Guerlain offers six essential and comprehensive eye palettes. Each set contains five perfectly graduated shades to enhance your eyes at a stroke and create your desired look – from extremely natural to an intense smoky eye – day after day.

This easy-to-use range of shades combines a base to illuminate and even, two nude tones to subtly enhance, and two smoky, more sophisticated shades that intensify the whole look. Applied separately or layered, the shades match to perfection. The result is invariably and unfailingly chic.

A fine, unprecedented texture that becomes one with the skin, light pigments technology offers ultra-fine light-reflecting pigments for brighter, more radiant colour. Boasting a host of different effects, the powder is matte, satiny or metallic depending on the shade. The finish is luminous, and eyes appear more lively and vibrant.

A chic and practical accessory, the the portable, ultra-slim black case is engraved and accessorised with a closing seal featuring a double G logo. It opens to reveal an incredibly practical panoramic mirror and two ingenious complementary brushes whose long handles allow for easy application. A foam brush provides pigmented coverage, while the other double-ended hair brush delivers a more blended finish or high-precision application thanks to its bevelled shape.


The liner for a flawless line – L’art Du Trait, Precision Felt Eyeliner adopts this feminine essential to create captivating eyes. An unmistakably modern classic, this original felt eyeliner allows you to outline your eyes in made-to-measure style, for a subtly highlighted or ultra-graphic and enlarged effect, as the mood takes you. Black, svelte and cleverly designed, the Felt Eyeliner is as elegant to pull from your bag as it is easy to handle.

Bank on black, ultra black. Deep and dense, this ultra-black felt eyeliner glides on perfectly, delivering a faultless line and impeccable coverage from the very first sweep of the pen. Smudge-proof and stay-true, it even resists water and tears for eight hours.

High precision application guaranteed, even a beauty beginner can play the skilled and seasoned pro. The extremely efficient, long, sharp tip ensures a precise outline, from a discreet fine line to a spectacular graphic sweep.

Accent your smile, original shades from KissKiss that are easy to wear from morning to night. To add the ultimate finishing touch to this look, Guerlain offers two new KissKiss lipstick shades that perfectly match the eyeshadow tones. You can’t go wrong! Whether impeccable nude or a delicate pinky red, these two subtle autumnal shades easily adapt to any skin tone or occasion, from midday to midnight.