By The Beauty Hub  |  August 30th, 2016  |  Brands,News

Dove knows that nourishment is the key to beautiful looking hair, and has created Advance Hair Series for women that overcome the seemingly impossible challenge of providing women both what they need, and what they want from their daily hair care regime.

The new Dove Advanced Hair Series offers two unique collections for women who desire benefits beyond deep nourishment, to ensure tailored care for their specific hair needs. The collections comprising Dove Advanced Hair Series unlock the impossible: Dove Oxygen & Moisture deeply moisturises and delivers 95% more volume to fine, flat hair and Dove’s Pure Care Dry Oil collection nourishes hair with a combination of indulgent oils to transform dry dull hair, to smooth silky hair, without a trace of greasiness. These breakthrough formulas are expertly blended with selected ingredients, meaning there are no trade-offs and no compromises, instead Dove can offer state of the art nourishing solutions, plus a key hair care solution for specific needs.

Dove Advance Hair Series Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment

“Increasingly, women want their hair to look its best every day, not just for special occasions, because hair is an important part of allowing a woman to feel beautiful,” says Sabeen Fazli, Personal Care Director for Unilever Gulf. “We have a history of listening to women and thus understand their relationship to hair, and that women need different products for different hair needs to make themselves feel beautiful every day.”

“We at Dove are proud of the development of Dove Advanced Hair Series. It unlocks possibilities for women’s hair which had previously seemed unimaginable” says Jasmine Mucenieks, Research & Development Manager of Personal Care for Unilever Gulf. “In each collection we have blended ingredients to provide women with uncompromising performance, to meet both their need for deep hair care nourishment, and an added beauty benefit specific to their hair type.”

The first collection to launch under the Advanced Hair Series umbrella is the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil, which has been specifically designed for dull, dry hair. Dove Pure Care Dry Oil provides hair with the nourishment it needs, and the silkiness and shine that women want, without weighing hair down, to deliver 5x silkier hair. Dove Pure Care Dry Oil uses fine, pure drops of botanical oils, including African Macadamia Oil (rich in Omega-7, present in the natural protective lipids on the hair) and Sweet Almond Oil (rich in Omega-9, an essential fatty acid). The collection includes two luxurious treatment oils, which divinely nourish and pamper hair leaving a weightless, silky and non-greasy finish.

The additional Dove Advanced Hair Series collection is Dove Oxygen & Moisture which consists of shampoo, conditioner and volumising products to breathe life into fine, flat hair. Often women have to choose between the moisture they want, and the volume they need as typical moisturising formulas can leave hair feeling dry or heavy and weighed down. New Dove Oxygen & Moisture unlocks the impossible – volume and moisture in one. Oxygen & Moisture is a breakthrough collection from Dove which contains Oxyfusion Technology, moisturising ingredients fused with oxygen, to deliver 95% more natural body and fullness. The result of using this collection is uncompromised moisturisation and volume, to reveal bouncy, full-looking hair that is delicately smooth and easy to manage.

Dove Advanced Hair Series is now available across all major supermarkets in the UAE.


  • Dove Advance Hair Series Pure Care Dry Oil Shampoo – AED29.
  • Dove Advance Hair Series Pure Care Dry Oil Conditioner – AED29.
  • Dove Advance Hair Series Pure Care Dry Oil Mask, AED32.
  • Dove Advance Hair Series Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment – AED35.
  • Dove Advance Hair Series Oxygen & Moisture Shampoo – AED29.
  • Dove Advance Hair Series Oxygen & Moisture Conditioner – AED29.
  • Dove Advance Hair Series Oxygen & Moisture Mask – AED32.
  • Dove Advance Hair Series Oxygen & Moisture Root Lift Spray – AED47.