By The Beauty Hub  |  September 27th, 2016  |  Company News,News

The Abeille Royale range are composed of active ingredients with exceptional repairing properties derived from bee products, especially honey from Ouessant Island in France. The formulas of the two new Day Creams and the new Night Cream have been revised to offer even greater effectiveness and sensory pleasure.

The skin’s appearance is instantly and lastingly transformed and the visible signs of skin ageing minimised, to even more precisely meet women’s expectations in terms of age-defying skincare.

At the heart of the new Abeille Royale Day Creams lies a repairing concentrate with a comprehensive action that works on all the key levels of the skin to improve its radiance and the quality of its texture. It originates from the Guerlain Research laboratories’ discovery that Ouessant honey helped boost the production of genes coding for two proteins that play a role in forming the skin’s barrier (stimulation of Cornifin gene expression by 50% and Elafin gene expression by 27% by keratinocytes in culture). It incorporates two types of hyaluronic acid:

  • One of high molecular weight that acts rapidly on the surface, hydrates and smooths the skin, minimising wrinkles and fine lines.
  • The other of low molecular weight that passes through the skin’s
    mesh to:

    • boost the proliferation of epidermal cells to reduce surface
    • boost collagen and fibroblast synthesis in the dermis.

The new Day Cream texture is a perfect balance between richness and lightness. The texture’s comforting softness can instantly be felt, leaving skin radiant and comfortable. The Rich Day Cream has a texture as rich as a balm. Enriched with beeswax butter, derived entirely from natural sources, the formula gently glides over the skin, which instantly appears smoother. A gourmet pleasure enhanced even further by its honey colour.

On application, this nectar’s slightly fresh, sunkissed fragrance holds an enchanting appeal. Honeyed notes of beeswax absolute fuse with the more floral aromas of mimosa and broom, blending with the scent of fresh herbs.

Abeille Royale Night Cream optimises our skin’s natural ability to renew itself overnight thanks to Abeille Royale Repairing Concentrate enriched with Moroccan honey, combining an antioxidant and a soothing action. Moroccan honey’s antioxidant properties target free radicals and decrease their production by more than half. It also spectacularly reduces prostaglandins E2, pro-inflammatory mediators that contribute to premature skin ageing. The luscious, silky smooth texture makes application a pleasure and holds the promise of effectiveness on wrinkles, firmness and facial contours during the night, the most conducive time for skin renewal.

With the Guerlain application technique developed by Sophia Kremser, Guerlain Spa and Institute International Training and Development Manager, offer your skin a moment of pure expertise, using precise application techniques to optimise the firming and smoothing effectiveness.

Application is soft and sensual:

  • Apply pressure to the outline of the face with your fingertips.
  • Repeat this step 2 cm higher, and so on until you reach the hairline.
  • Then lightly tap all over the face, paying particular attention to the most affected areas.